Monday, November 23, 2009

H@ppy birthday Stibu Mama

hieee r u all??????...
no exams r not over yet....still have two more to go...I am here just for a small surprise visit..because today is the extremely special day...u know y...coz it was on this day many years back my best friend stepped into this world...yupp...u guessed it is stibu mama's birthday...yes...our Solitary writer turns 22 today...the angry young man gets another year older...hahaha....[stibumama don't kill me for this now]...but jokes apart wish u a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy birthday!

Today I just want to thank God for the gift of a wonderful person like u as a friend...n not just me..but i can surely say it on behalf of all those people who know u that we are all blessed to have you as a part of our lives ..someone who is so warm,caring,understanding,helpful,supportive,kind,encouraging....see i can just go on n on...but then I cant help it coz that's how u are n that's what makes you special n Ur friends lucky!n i am extremely glad to be one of them...thanks a ton for giving me an opportunity to know you and have u as my best friend and on Ur

birthday I wish u the best of life!May all your dreams an wishes come true...may u get loads of happiness,success,good health,love and peace and u better keep that smile on
face...don't even dare to be sad,hopeless or upset...i hate to see u frowning and instead of giving u something today this is gift I want from for Ur gift...meri friendship aur lectures haina...???hehe...sorry ya...but that's all this friend can offer with a promise of being there for you always....

and now its partyyyy please..enjoy and celebrate this special day...n don't u dare say its"just another day" u have been harping since the past 2 weeks...high time now you are twenty -two now...[old toh u r getting get wise also..hahaha] have fun!!
Many many happy returns of the day once again!
keep smiling!
God bless!

[p.s:-sorry friends i m in a rush right now so cant stop at ur wonderful blogs...i know i am missing on to a lot...but you will find me...back.. real soon...till then take care!cya!]

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Break Time!

Helloo everyone....

how are you???

I am here with a big heart felt apology for not being at your wonderful blogs to read and comment...only I know how much I am missing reading you guys but guess that's how it will be for a few upcoming days since I have my first semester exams...and if right now I don't get down to study then it would not be surprising to see me writing excerpts of your lovely posts in my I wish they could fetch me marks...but there is no point day dreaming...So I am off for a little break u can heave a sigh of relief but not for long since I will be back soon with with lots of more non sense that you have to bear..and as it is now I cant stay away from this place.. once I get back i will certainly try to keep pace with your writings and also try and finish the story that I have been writing since so long and reply to all the comments...till then please excuse me...So see you after this break...bubyeeee!

miss you all!

take care!!

keep writing!!

God bless!!

Cya soon!