Sunday, January 24, 2010


To place faith in someone whom you feel is worthy of it

Responsible enough to handle it with care
Understands that he/she has been relied upon by someone
Sensitive to feelings and emotions
The core of relationships.

[P.S:-okie this one is my first miserable attempt at an acrostic...and now I realize how bad I'm at it...honestly acrostics are easier to appreciate than to hats off to all you guys who are masters at it especially Leo,Artz,Nuchu and Rosh...I'm sorry if I'm forgetting any names...but really you guys are wonderful...I will learn and pick up some inspiration from you people and will try and come up with something better next time...]

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry can't think of a title!

I'm sick and tired of explaining myself all through

I'm yearning to be understood by people I expect to

I'm paying a price of being myself each day

I'm fed up of seeking acceptance for whatever I say

I don't need any "I understand" statements from people who don't

I don't expect people to be by my side when i know they wont

I know I still have to learn to be strong

I know I can do it when I chose the right over wrong

[p.s....I know this post is meaningless....I'm sorry for such a stupid vent out...its just that its not such a perfect day...please excuse me for this one...and thanks a ton for bearing my non sense yet again...]

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hieeeee Everyone..

Hellooooo Everyone...... How are you???? I really hope you still remember me......ahmmm....actually I know need to be thrashed for being absent from your blogs...for not reading for not commenting....for not wishing you new year and Christmas..for not replying to the comments...for not completing the never ending story that i have started...for missing on to Rosh's n Nuchu's blog anniversaries..God...just look at many things for which i need to apologise ....not a good note to start the year with....but I'm not to be blamed..i had to suddenly go out of town to attend some family function in Delhi...just came back two days back n realised that how much I have missed on to.....hmmmm...loads of pending work..which I will surely complete really soon..kindly bear with this slow worker...plzzzzz.... okie now first things first wish you all a very Happy New Year...Hope 2010 fill your lives with loads of prosperity,happiness,love,good luck and peace and may it also give you the strength to sick to your new year resolutions if you have made for new year resolution is to prioritise the right people at the right time because this is something I always keep trying but go off track here and there disturbing my own peace of will try to keep a check on this...and second is to love all my people as much as I can and even express it through every opportunity that I let me start off right now I want to say.."I love you all...thanks for being such wonderful support systems in this journey of life...and making me feel that there are people who care to listen and understand not because they are forced to but because they are beautiful a big heartfelt thank you to each one of you..."..2009 was extremely special for me because I got to know all you wonderful people n I sincerely pray that in the coming years this bond just becomes stronger and stronger. and yes before I heartiest congratulations to Roshu and Nuchu on the occasion of their blog anniversaries...well done sweethearts...hope you celebrate many such anniversaries so that we can enjoy reading your lovely posts endlessly....keep it up rock!! and Artz...i guess i have missed your birthday as well...sooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy....wish u a very happy belated birthday....may God fulfill all your dreams and wishes and may you get the best of life dear.... Guess I'm pretty much done for now....plzzzz kindly excuse me for missing all the action here...I will try to be active and yes once again a big thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuu to all of you for visiting my blog even in my guys rock!!!!!!thanks a lot! this is for you all you special people....