Sunday, August 30, 2009

In search of the past days-1

She was sitting in her class when her cell phone flashed a was him..she sneaked her hand into her handbag and disconnected his call...2 seconds later...he called again...she disconnected it again thinking that he will get the hint that she must be in midst of a lecture and that's why she is not picking up..but to no use...he called up again..then she did not take the pain to disconnect his calls..later after class when she checked her cell phone it gave a notification of 39 missed calls...amazed at his madness she called him back and said,
"Rahul..whats wrong with you...39 missed knew I was in a lecture dint you...but hey first tell me all well at your end...was there anything urgent that you wanted to say.?." which he replied "off course that even a question..if I called you so many times must be something important ..."..getting all worried she asked"so tell me now...hurry up..what are you waiting for.." ...."hmm I love you..."...he said..."silly that is fine you can get romantic later tell me what happened..why were you calling?" He smiled and replied"Neha that is what I wanted to say that's why I called you"...Neha was stunned for a second..with a huge smile on her she asked him"you are telling me you called me 39 times to tell me this?".."exactly..for me this is of utmost importance...and how could I begin my day without listening to your voice sweetheart.." he said..Neha was speechless...she was blushing like anything..and her smile refused to leave her face..".."aww..Rahul..I love you carryon for work..I will call you up in the evening..right now I'm rushing for another lecture..".."okie baby...bubyee...."n both kept down the phone!
it was 2'o clock when Neha had just stepped out of college...when her phone rang again...she picked up n said "yours is like a perfect timing I just got free and you called up again...?"....Rahul replied "well i was missing i called up..."...they both spoke to each other till the time Neha got back home!..
In the evening both of them met at a coffee shop..where Neha kept her hand on his hand and looking into his eyes she said"you know Rahul..I may complain several times..that I am in the class don't call me,or mom is around..why did u call..or when I say you are crazy when you call me up to say that 'I am missing you' just two minutes after we've met..but today I confess before you..that I lie always..with each and every call that you make I fall more in love with you..every time your name flashes on my cellphone my heart beat increases..I always wait for your call..and when you do..then nothing else seems to matter more than your day becomes good when you wish me good morning..I feel like the whole world cares for me..when you ask me to take care..when you say that you miss me..I feel extremely special and when u say that you love me...I..just..."..she could not speak further...her eyes that were full of affection of the world got moist...and she could not look him in his eyes anymore...while she looked down Rahul could not keep his eyes off her face..he always knew Neha felt that ways inside but since she was very hesitant to admit it..He never expected her to say all of this that too face to face..He was over whelmed..He knew it was not easy for her...but still she said it..his happiness knew no bounds..he wanted to get up that very moment and hug her but he knew this was the time to comfort her without making it awkward for her so that she doesn't regret saying what she he gently held her hand n said..
[to be continued..]

Monday, August 24, 2009

Alone in the journey of Life..

I walk alone
On this path unknown

Nobody beside me to share
Nobody to say that,"I care"

I overcome my fears
I wipe my tears

Nobody to understand,Nobody to see
The pain I carry everyday with me

I carry the load of my loneliness on my back
I keep questioning myself"where do I lack?"

Nobody to answer,Nobody to explain
I expected sunshine,but I'm getting wet in the rain.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heights of Coincidence....

Sometimes some little things leave us stunned and I am here to share a little incident with you that happened best friend Manu and I share a very sweetly mad,not always perfect but wonderful and special relationship..when coming to our thinking we are polls apart..our ideologies don't match one bit,our expectations from life are quite different and so are our reactions and expressions...but besides so many differences we are best of friends..but where there are differences there are similarities as well..our choice is pretty similar..and we generally buy things with each others consent whenever we go out for listen to this..for the past ten days my best friend has been out of town..she had gone to Delhi..she came back yesterday evening..I gave her call to ask her about how her trip was and what all she did..and as always there was a definite discussion about all that she bought for she has a preference for wearing heels,stilettos,boots and all for a refreshing change she tells me"parul...You won't believe it but this time for a change I bought a pair of Reebok shoes for myself.."..I got all excited and told her.."what???you won't believe it even I bought a pair of Reebok shoes two days back"..both of us were talking about what a coincidence is this when she just asked me"by the way what color shoes did you buy.."i quickly replied.."purple and grayish silver.."..and the bigger coincidence awaited me when she tells me hers are of the same color as well...both of us were kind of surprised..that how can we both buy similar shoes when we are miles away..but I was wrong as she wore them to the university today...and they were not similar..but completely identical..both of us were very stunned to see that..we bought the same thing on the same day in different towns..both of us had no plans of buying these shoes..we went to just check out stuff like that only and liked them and came out buying them...and now we possess the same pair of shoes...somehow its strange! and what is stranger is that my best friend does not like it at all when she comes across somebody who is wearing what she is wearing won't believe it when she and her sister wear clothes of a similar shade they don't even walk together and force me to walk in now I told her that since she wont like the idea..of both of us wearing the same shoes on same it will be problematic for her..but time for another surprise...she says"naaa....we will...n I'm gonna luv speaks volumes for our bonding.." I don't know what to say to that...things that we don't tolerate in our siblings become a matter of joy with friends at times..and when its with best friends..everything crazy and absurd otherwise becomes a matter of pride...whatever it thing is for sure whenever I will look at these shoes now they are bound to get back the sweet memories of my friendship and my best friend and leave me smiling!
[p.s:-This post does not have much many of my other posts..but I felt like sharing this with you here it is...thanks for bearing with me...take care!God bless!]

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Today is the 15Th of August..we have completed 62 years of Independence today..a day of national importance has become nothing more than a national holiday for all of us..we sit back at home to relax..go out for movies,shopping and have fun..We all know that how we have attained this involved a lot of struggle,physical and mental torture and bloodshed..but at last we succeeded ..but this success came at the cost of many lives! We say we are a free nation..but do we value the freedom that we have..since we did not pay a price for it..we conveniently forgot the sacrifices that our freedom fighters made for it!! its like an inherited property..we got it from our forefathers,we are using it..but doing nothing about it!Coming to talk of what we can do! we all must have heard people saying that if you want others to respect you then learn to respect yourself..and how many of the Indians actually respect their own country..go to any corner of India you will find people cribbing"ours is a corrupted nation,we are overpopulated,we lack infrastructure..and the list goes on and on"..but if you turn around and ask them "what are they doing for the nation?"..these mute spectators will quickly respond"now what can we do at such small level and how will it make a difference"..I don't understand is standing at the border with arms and ammunition the only way to serve the country..only the armed forces hold responsibility towards the nation..every Indian represents India.A foreigner comes to our country and goes back with a bad impression because of a particular experience with a few individuals...He will never care to say that a few people were not hospitable in India..but everybody gets generalised as "Indians are like that".
We have received so much from this country..its our home and we Indians together form a big family..then who else is responsible to keep our home clean,beautiful and at peace "Us"..If we wont take care of our family who will...we've spent decades behaving like a mob...lets start rising up together as a sensible people who can act not react! The Britishers have gone leaving their"divide and rule"policy here...lets chuck that out as well and establish"Unity in diversity"...lets stop playing the blame game...anything happens we blame it on the people outside..though the root cause lies within us..and I have no intention of saying that come down on the streets,protest or initiate a revolution...just a simple little thing and that is change yourself rather than changing the the change you want to see..strive to be a good can't stop corruption don't be a part of the chain reaction..break the cycle,you can't educate the entire the education of a child,you can't keep the environment of the nation clean at least don't litter around yourself..simple little steps and at least there is some beginning..even if it is at the grass root level..leave the"chalta hai"..attitude..and don't propagate things saying"that's how it functions in India"..we are the ones who made this we are very much capable of changing it as well..all we need to do is think in the right direction and then implement that thinking..unlike the laws that are formed but never implemented! I know this is quite like a sermon or a boring Independence day speech..but just take out two minutes to think is it all that difficult to be good citizen...we are fortunate to be born in a country like India..we all often say it that "we are proud to be Indians"..but its not that we are actually very happy and proud of the way our country functions...its just that our loyalty to our motherland makes us say it...deep inside we all know we have a long way to go..and a well begin is half lets all try to make that little that India just doesn't shine on the poster of an election campaign but globally and actually!! On this positive note I wish all of you a very happy Independence Day! God bless!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dressing Up For Him...

She opened her closet and picked out a nice red gown...
kept it before her and made a frown
She then pulled out a yellow dress,followed by green and a blue
"I don't like a single one what should I do?
I want to dress up my best after all its my first date
I'm still hunting for clothes even though I'm already late!"
she could not decide what to wear..
changed back into her t-shirt n jeans and sat in despair
just then there was a knock at the door
she knew it was him she couldn't possibly ignore
she opened the door but she dint look at him
He looked at her and smiled as he entered in
"why aren't you ready?"he gently asked her
with a lump in her throat she answered in a whisper
"I wanted to dress up beautifully today so that I leave you impressed

But when nothing seemed to look pretty I got all depressed..

I'm really sorry I know I spoilt your day

Lets postpone this date to next Saturday"

She tried to say more but could not speak
tears flowed down her rosy red cheek

"you are the most beautiful women in this world did I tell you that before
I guess I dint ,else you wouldn't have thought of all this for sure
You don't need to make efforts to look good
Your dresses don't spoil my mood

My love for you is not for your beauty outside
But your lovely heart is the reason for my pride
when your simplicity suits you the best
you just don't need to be bothered about the rest
your sweet innocent smile lights up my day
the twinkles of your eyes show me the way
the warmth and goodness you radiate is beyond compare
my Life seems perfect when you are there
So my dear princess,

stop worrying about the beauty that is transient and external

because my love for you is far more deep and eternal!"

[p.s:I began writing a story...then after two lines it became more like a poem...and now that I read it...its neither a well written story nor a good poem..don't ask me what it is...I'm posting it because I know you people are used to my nonsense now...ahmm...thats called taking advantage of the humble nature of wonderful na..there is no need to be kind feel free to tell me its crappy..I won't mind..]

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My precious bond!

Today is rakshabandhan..and guess there can be no better day than today to thank the Almighty for the gift of a brother..sometimes when we face hardships in life we often feel that God doesn't love us He doesn't care..But then just look around the people He has given you and you will know He is there..that's exactly how I feel when I see my elder brother around...I call him Dadu...He stepped into this world four years before me..I have often heard people saying that the elder child gets very insecure and jealous when he/she is told of the second child coming into the family..and once this second baby arrives then begins a saga of sibling rivalry and non - acceptance..but as I always say I'm blessed..because for my Dadu I was never less than a prized possession..he used to love me,take care of me and holding me in his arms he used to proudly tell other"she is my sister"..My mom tells me that when I was born due to some complications I was not very pleasing to look head was like a cone..[hahaha...sounds funny..ryt?]etc...and everybody was worried that if my brother sees me..he might start crying..but he was the first to welcome me with a weird hair do did not scare him..he held my wrist n said"lets take her home...soon"..
..well my head settled but then the usual brother sister issues started popping up..right from blackmailing,to pranks to fighting..and being punished coz of each other..but then we all get mature don't we..Today I share a beautiful bond with him..He shares his secrets with me..discusses issues...pampers me..and yes...not to forget he is strict about certain matters as well...which I conveniently filter[ahmm]...while telling him things at times..that's coz I know he is a brother at the end of the day...protective and possessive..but that's how I like him to be..He makes me feel secure and loved always!

I really love him a lot...I respect him...admire him..[waise i hate him also when he goes out for a movie and I sit at home and make his files].. but still I proudly say that,"He is the best brother in the world!"
Today he is miles away from me and I really miss him..but my prayers ,love and best wishes are with him always!
Luv u Dadu...miss u loads!Happy RaKhi!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My First Tag...'s my first tag...I've been tagged by Stibumama,Leo,Nuchu,Arthi....[sorry for the late submission I'm finally here with my homework!]

A-Available/Single? Single

B-Best Friend?Mannu and Stibumama

C-Cake or Pie?Cake with lots of chocolate!

D-Drink of Choice?Tea

E-Essential item you use everyday?Toothbrush!

F-Favorite color?Pink and black!

G-Giggle or laughter?Laughter that expresses the happiness of heart!



J-January or February?January..since I'm born in this month.

K-Kids and their names?want two..elder son and younger daughter..names..not thought yet!

L-Life is incomplete without?Family and friends!

M-Marriage or Date?Marriage..[date with the guy I'm married to]

N-Number of Siblings?One extremely adorable elder brother!

O-One thing I hate to accept?That I'm an emotional fool.


Q-Favorite Quote?What Doesn't Kill Us Only Makes Us Stronger..

R-Reason to smile?To spread happiness around.


T-Tag 3 or 4 people?Priya joyce,kajal,arjun and vedu!

U-Unknown fact about me?That I'm very talkative!

V-Vegetable you don't like?mushrooms

W-Worst Habit?Being highly sensitive.

X-Xrays you've had?none!

Y-Your favorite food?Rajma-Chawal.

Z-Zodiac Sign?Capricorn.

[a stupid confession for what took me so long..I saw you guys tagging me..but
dint know what a tag was..stibumama se confirm kia..u see me-dumbness personified..haha...]

Sunday, August 2, 2009

H@ppy Friendships D@y..

"..bloggin gives u so many nice frnds too...n u already have many frnds around....ste k hum sabfrnds tere frnds... :)" "The best Thing blogging did to me is FRIENDS...."
well what you are reading above are not famous quotes but yes the words of two of our famous blogger friends..the first one given by Priya and the second one was given by Arjun and they told me this the day I entered this world of blogging...and today I strongly second the opinion of both of them.. I came here..not because I thought I was good writer...Stibu mama[Our Solitary Writer] got me here because he thought my scribbling could be transformed into well drafted posts n shared with others..I still remember the warm welcome I got from all you guys here..I don't think I can ever put in words how overwhelmed I was to see such sweet and encouraging responses from all you wonderful thing I knew since day one was that God's beautiful people resided in blogs ville but what I dint know was that I will actually be making some amazing friends here..I know its not been a very long association nor do I know any one of you personally..but I chose to call this interaction friendship and not a relationship between writers and readers because its with you guys I shared feelings,views,ideas,imagination and opinions that were close to my heart and nobody else knows about them,you people were the ones who took out your precious time to read what i wrote,gave me encouragement,care,love,guidance,support,wishes and if I am right strangers and acquaintances don't do that..only friends can make you feel that way! and today on friendships day I want to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for accepting me,for tolerating my nonsense amateur scribbles,for being ever so kind and supportive and for making me so comfortable in this world unknown..I truly consider myself lucky that I got an opportunity to know all you amazing people...Thank you soooo much Nuchu,Kajal,Priyajoyce,Arjun,Leo,Priya,Abhilasha,Manjari,Aarthi,Vedu,Thoorika..[I'm sorry if I'm missing any names..] for being what you people are..and a very happy friendships day to all of you...I really look up to all you people and feel blessed that I got to learn so much from you..May god bless you with a lot of happiness and may the best of life come your way today and always!
I thanked you guys but there is one very special person I need to thank...coz had it not been for him...I wouldn't be here and would never get to know anyone of you...n that's none other than my best friend stibumama... stibumama...thank u sooooooooo muchhhhhh for being such a wonderful friend...I owe all of this to you..thanks a ton for believing in me,for encouraging me,for supporting me and for introducing me to this beautiful world full of beautiful people..I bothered you,irritated you,questioned you...but you were always so kind,so helpful and so me I couldn't have asked for a better friend..thank you sooo much..I'm so proud to have a friend like you and I hope this friendship remains the same forever and really hope we have less fights in future..:p..coz after all both of us feel like staying alive...don't we????...jokes apart...we may fight...we may disagree..but I will always be there for you ...whenever you need a can count on me...and that's a promise!

a friend is one who takes care of you
a friend is one who walks with you all through
a friend is one who will wipe your tears
a friend is one who will help you overcome your fears
a friend will always lend a helping hand
a friend will not question,but understand
a friend will hope for you,a friend will pray
a friend will never let you deviate from the right way
I've said it all just left with one thing to say
and that is to wish you all a very happy friendships day!

Happy friendships day!you guys rock! thank you so much for everything this is for all you wonderful people from me!