Thursday, July 30, 2009

Develop Understanding Not Misunderstanding...

We our all blessed with a lot of beautiful relationships in our life..a few are the ones we are born with and there are others that we make on our own..whatever be the name,whatever be the reason the bottom line is they are all very important to us..they are the ties that join our hearts and make us realize that we are not alone..a friend of mine once told me"that we our all capable of living alone..statements like this that we can't live without so and so..are rubbish..when we have to ,then we have to..there is no room for weakness then..our survival instincts keep us going.."
partially I agree with her that yes when we have to then we have to........n off course we can survive..but then its just survival..its not is when you can smile seeing somebody else happy,somebody Else's grief brings tears to your eyes, you rejoice in somebody Else's success..a life lived for and with others is a life lived worthwhile..
and today these bondings of the heart and relationships of years break in seconds..reason???MISUNDERSTANDING!
What is misunderstanding..when we try to convey something else and something else gets conveyed..ideas get jumbled up..misconceptions are formed and we chose to drift away from people whom we least want to..for me misunderstanding has its literal meaning ..yes..its is not a wrong interpretation of thought,words or intentions but a lack of understanding as the word rightly conveys..the understanding is missing..and this takes place when we stop listening,we stop talking,we stop thinking when we stop making that extra effort to go a little deep into things and taking that extra step and conveniently accept what appears on the surface..and let go off our precious ones..and i guess all of us have misunderstood someone or the other in our life or have been misunderstood by someone..communication is the answer but is does an explanation always justify everybody..may be not..and at times a wrong question asked in a wrong manner,at the wrong time proves to be the biggest question mark on a relationship and the trust on which it is formed and may leave behind a scar forever..and apologies and time don't always heal all wounds..
so if you say to someone"I trust you.."..then make sure you do
if you say "I understand.."then at least try to..
if you say"I am there..."..then show that you care..
we all have some beautiful bonds with some beautiful people in our lives..people we can't imagine or lives without..lets value those special souls and those special relationships and handle them with love and care and not allow a stupid misunderstanding to creep in and create distance between hearts..because if we let that happen then later we might be missing the only person who understood us.......!

[p.s:..sounds like a serious saddening post..witnessed a few people ruining their relationships,losing their special people and saying"there had been some misunderstanding"...sounds simple but is hell difficult when we have to go through it..I know everything in life does not have a solution and not everybody is worth staying in our lives but as the famous saying goes"That sometime later we realize that we lost diamonds while we were busy collecting stones" be careful..don't take your loved ones for granted and show them that you value them.and remember no misunderstanding is bigger than a true relationship..[sorry if sounds like a sermon..or a boring lecture...just wanted to share an opinion]..God bless you all]

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Its Raining....

The monsoons have started and what should I say...I just love the rains...everything seems to be washed...nature at its best...the lush green grass..the dusky sky...droplets of water on the flowers and leaves..the mist around...the cool breeze...and the smell of the wet mud...woww...its awesome...sitting next to my window...I can see water splashing on the pane...with a nice hot cup of tea in my hands...and my favorite music playing in the background..and just being with myself..I'm experiencing bliss...nothing seems to feels with every drop of rain.. God is showering his blessings and wash out all the worries..and refreshing not only the nature but sum up the experience in one word...beautiful!

[p:s-not a meaningful post...sorry...just wanted to share this so wrote it]

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Broken Dre@m

It had been dwelling in my eyes since a long time
I had kept it close to my heart and called it mine
To see it breaking was my biggest fear...
Now it flows down my cheek as a silent tear..
I want to yell,cry,shout and scream..
as before me lies my shattered dream..
I thought i would make it a reality and the world would see
but this not what destiny wanted it to be..
My eyes are empty..they lost their spark and glare
the dream took the hope along and left me alone in despair...

Friday, July 10, 2009

The proposal-4

" don't need to cry...its completely okie if you don't feel the same..honestly even I'm a little things first I thought I shouldn't tell you what I feel...but then somebody made me realize that I must tell I did...but You don't need to worry about it.. its okie..there are no conditions in love..just stop crying yar...its not such a big deal..forget know I'm a fool...take it light...actually on second thoughts and you together...that ways...seems weired...hahahaa...[laughs ...trying to hide his tears..]..gosh...stupid I'm please...stop giving those serious looks...its embarrassing..actually its good you didn't say a yes..I was thinking of taking a life time risk saved me as always..[winks]..thanks buddy..common now smile...n lets go...before everybody else comes here..I'm hungry...[gets up...and starts that she doesn't see his moist eyes..]
"stop right there...."she yelled from behind...Sameer stopped there and then...n turned...Riya...came up to him..n said"you always have to ruin things...n try to show that you are very cool and all...I hate you...".."Riya..I.."he tries to say something but she interrupts him..."I thought this...I thought that...its okie...its alright..what is all this came...gave a speech...analyzed things your own way..n now you are going..accepting a decision I didn't even over hyper freak..".."you couldn't sleep for 15 days ...I haven't slept since an year...I came to college and for me you were nothing more than a brat...I got to know you and you became my friend..then from my friend to my best friend and fine day I realized what you realized at the prom night..since then everyday I come to college thinking that maybe today you will say something..but that day never came ...all that came my way was your statements when you used to make fun of me saying that only a nut case would marry me..I had left hope..thinking that we can't be anything more than would never feel the way I do..and have been trying to overcome those feelings since fact the plan to go out of town for vacations was nothing but a means to go away from that I don't fall weak...and today....all of a sudden...I wasn't expecting it..It was like a dream come".[breaks down completely...]...Sameer...was shocked..surprised..[took two minutes to register the thought..]..held her arm and said.."fool...why didn't you tell me earlier...??.."..the moment he said this ..Riya..who was going all teary and weak..suddenly became firm ..and said.." what were you expecting..I being a girl would go down on my knees with a ring in my hand..and propose to a boy who thinks I'm half mad..and the person who will marry me will be fully it?"..pushes him away.."just go..I don't want to talk to you..I hate never understand"..Sameer knew he had messed up again ..he took a deep breath...went close to her..held her by her arms ..looked into her eyes and said.."I'm sorry for never understanding you..really sorry for hurting you everyday..but now I understand Riya..and promise to convert all those tears I have given you into smiles..please trust me..and silly when I had told you that only a fully mad fellow will marry should have been intelligent enough to know that who can be more mad than me..stupid..come here now.."..pulls her close..hugs her...and whispers in her ears.."just for confirmation...all this means a yes na???..."...she smiles..n says.."yes..!".."then say that you love me...".."na...i hate you..."..she giggles...frees herself from his arms and runs towards the cafeteria..he screams.. from behind.."Miss.Marathon I Love You...."...she turns around...and replies.."I love you more Mr.white shirt blue jeans..."..
The following day...early morning Sameer gets ready and rushes to the park to meet the old lady...with a bouquet of flowers..and finds her sitting on the same bench where he had met her..he goes up to her and before he could say anything..she says.." won the battle...?"she smiles..."how do you know?"..Sameer asked....."don't ask stupid questions and tell me what happened...."...Sameer gave a detailed account of whatever had happened the previous day.." were way better than what I had thought you to be...I'm so happy..god bless you son.."..Sameer..hugged her and said.."thank you...if I have her in my life today its all because of you ..thank you so much...I told her about you..she said she would like to meet you...once she gets back from her grandma's place..she will be leaving in another hour..I have to go meet her at the station..".." why are you wasting your time here...go..."..the lady said...Sameer gets up...and extends the bouquet towards her.."I got this for you..."..the old lady...was overwhelmed.."aww...thank you..."..she accepts it..and picks out a red rose from those it to him and says"give this to her...not from my side...but from yours.." with a shy smile.."now stop blushing and go..."...Sameer thanks her..once again..and heads towards the station.. the lady looks at the flowers...then the morning sun..and says.."what a beautiful beginning..."

[p.s:- firstly I am extremely sorry for the delay...had been busy with my admissions..secondly...thank you soooooooooooo much for reading and following the previous parts of the story and being so encouraging,supportive and patient...I hope I don't disappoint you with the last part...if I do...I'm sorry...will try to improve and come up with something better next time...once again thank you sooooo much...God bless!]