Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry can't think of a title!

I'm sick and tired of explaining myself all through

I'm yearning to be understood by people I expect to

I'm paying a price of being myself each day

I'm fed up of seeking acceptance for whatever I say

I don't need any "I understand" statements from people who don't

I don't expect people to be by my side when i know they wont

I know I still have to learn to be strong

I know I can do it when I chose the right over wrong

[p.s....I know this post is meaningless....I'm sorry for such a stupid vent out...its just that its not such a perfect day...please excuse me for this one...and thanks a ton for bearing my non sense yet again...]


  1. Parzi dear!

    What happened??
    It's not that only you can be a shoulder for me.. remember i can be too.. tell me what happened ? whats going on??

    Drop me a mail

    Love you, take care honey!

  2. ooh i LOVE this post.. and all other posts that say what i want to say.. only mucha better!