Tuesday, October 20, 2009

T@g Time!!!!

I am tagged for this one by someone who is very similar to me...a wonderful writer and a lovely friend....Thanks a lot for tagging me Rohini...and really sorry for the delay...finally I am here with the"about me"tag...has no rules to it...so I can just go on with whatever I have to say about myself:-

there I go-

1.Our identity begins with the name[...let me begin with this only..."I really don't like my name[i.e Parul]"...its weird..wish my parents had thought of something better...since they have given it to me with so much love i accept it...but not very happy about and not to forget to mention that the nicknames stemming out from it are worse!

2.I am a simple person and I adore simplicity...I hate shallow show off...by simple I don't mean dull but yes certainly not loud in any form.

3.I am a very talkative person...once i start off nobody can stop me...I have an opinion on everything which I agree is not nice always..but the clear hint is as far as I am talking I am fine ,when I am shut you can be sure something is wrong and that is the time I can remain silent for hours and not utter a word because I don't feel like!

4.It doesn't take much to keep me happy since small small things of life really excite me... anything from rains,to seeing old albums,reading old cards,a nice conversation with a friend,a pleasant walk,my favorite food ...etc..and you will find me smiling.

5.Sharing my inner most side with anybody is something that I just can't do...at times when I have to...are the ones when I truly experience hell...but yes I am very good at keeping secrets..no weak digestion there at all!

6.Not many people know this but yes I am a die hard romantic...I feel love is the most beautiful feeling in this world and it only holds true when it has the elements of trust and understanding!and feel that life is too short for love!

7.I am a complete family person..I love my people...I live for them...but yes I am exceptionally close to my Mom and Grandma!! Really fond of my elder brother..I look up to him! Papa n I share a different kind of bonding,where we disagree,have tiffs,we make each other laugh but understand each other well..he is a sweetheart!
My friends hold a special place in my life...and my new blogging family is no exception to this one!

8.I think too much...petty things bother me..i become very sensitive at times and yes as I have repeatedly mentioned I lack emotional balance!

9.I am very fond of the colours pink and black...my wardrobe and room are full of these two colours.

10.I love shopping...I go out planning to buy something else but I come back buying things that are not even required!

11.Nobody knows that I can dance well, but I am very inhibited and shy to do so in front of anyone...credit goes to my lovely lack of confidence!But other wise I like drawing,reading,cooking and off course the latest discovered interest is blogging!

12.I am very confused most of the times..decision making doesn't come very easy to me!No stability at all!

13.I get easily attached to people and its terribly difficult to let go off any body...

14.I am a firm believer of the Almighty..and feel if we communicate with Him in the right way there is no better friend or confidante..

15.Three thumb rules I follow:-

*The best way to be happy is to make somebody smile!

*Treat people the way you want them to treat you!

*Never take the people who love you for granted!

Alright...i guess this much of torture is enough for today...this is like crossing all limits of self obsession..sooooooo sorrryyyyyyy for this endless bragging about myself..God!!!! for the first time I have used so many I's...it looks horrible ...right????sorry!! Hope I dint bore you much and also that your shoes are still on your feet and not in your hands...:P if so... time for me to run.......

okie wait how can I forget to tag you guys...so I tag...Leo,Arjun,PJ,Prams, The Soliatry Writer,Nuchu,Artz and Thoorika...
thanks a lot for reading!
God bless you all!


  1. ahhh.. got to know more about Parzi.. :)

    i'm spiritual too.. not religious though :) loved ur 3 thumb rules :)

    pink and black? :) i'm havin black, and blue.. 1/2 not bad :D

    good tag.. will take up soon :)

  2. It was gr8 to know all this abt u parzii.....

    Write anything u want.. Its never a torture.... y do u think so? :)

    Point number 15..... U r so adorable... :)


  3. Good to know about you . We have very much in common except for 3 and 6.
    And you have a nice name Parul :)

  4. Your Rules Rock!!!!!

    Got to know more about my best blog buddy.. Good good!!

    Yeah.. same pinch, Me love pink too :)

    And thanks dear for tagging!! But, I have done enough of about me section.. LOL :D

    LOve you!!

  5. hey u r really nice. It was all good to know about you :)

  6. hey parzi,

    it was a surprise to see my name atthe end .. thanks dear ..will do it soon..

    and u know something, i think i'm left with nthing more to say.thats what i felt after reading urs..

    i'm also a lover f love. a family baby, i cant share my personalls more with any one and my moral is also "To be happy, make others happy"...

    what what a match .. loved reading it ..anyways will express myself in my blog too .. thanks gal ..

  7. hey nice tag...got to know more about you and really happy to know more about you in this short time....never knew you could dance...never knew u love ur family nd ur elder brother..never knew tht pink nd blue was ur fav colors.....u frgt to mention tht thnk u's nd sorries r ur favourite words...u forgt to mention that u gt a sweet voice..u forgt to mention that u r a cry baby who easily gts angry nd shed tears..u frgt to write that ur too formal ...
    nd i never expected to see my name in that list ...

    thanks a lot "My Blogger friend'PARZI'"

    will take it up when i gt time...thanks a lot once again fr mentioning my name in that list..amazed nd u used my name whch was supposed to be called only by u in chats...never knew u wre so keen to make me popular by this name too..thanks a lot parzi .

  8. Hmm.... parul.. what a unique name.. wonder why you don't like it. Honestly, i thought parzi was your name.

    This is going to be oft-repeated, but it never ceases to thrill me - there are indeed so many similarities between you and me. You have expressed them more lucidly in this post than I could :) This is such an honest and sweet post. Enjoyed reading it. see you around. :)

  9. We have lots of stuff in common parzi! :) You are a wonderful person! This post is the proof for it! Thanks for tagging me but I have already finished this tag dear! Dont want to shoo away my readers with more info :P Take care!

  10. @Leo..
    first again:)...thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh Leo...i m glad u liked the tag....n same pinch for the color black....:)
    thanks a ton for all the appreciation!it truly means a lot!
    thank u!
    take care!
    God bless!

  11. @Arjun
    thanks a lotttttttttt Arjun you always leave behind a smile and a heart warming comment!it is so motivating to read your words...thanks a lot for those kind words and for giving me the comfort to be myself and write what I feel!
    keep smiling!
    God bless!

  12. @Ekam
    thank u soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhh dear!
    glad to know that the two of us are similar...:)
    well about the name???what ca i say...thank u so much...its nice to know at least somebody finds it nice:)
    thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!
    take care!
    God bless!

  13. @nuchu
    heyyyy sweetheart!
    thank u sooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh for accepting me as ur friend ...u n ur friendship are really precious to me..thanksss a ton!I m extremely lucky to have a friend like you!
    thanks a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt for everything!!!!!
    you really are the best!
    luv ya loads!

  14. @Riya
    u know something i always say that"nice people find everyone nice"....thanks for using that adorable adjective for me...honestly I don't consider myself worthy of it but i am really thankful to you for those kind words and the reason that u find others nice is coz u have a wonderful heart yourself!
    so always remain the same!
    take care!
    thank you!
    God bless!

  15. @prams...
    thanksss alotttttttttttttt dear for reading the tag and for that lovely comment....same pinch for all the common factors:)
    n why r u surprised????i would love to know more about u n will surely read when u fill up the tag!!!
    thanks a ton once again:)
    god bless u!

  16. @solitary writer...
    thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh for reading ste...its great to c u here always...:)
    arrey arreyyy...hangon..u r letting out everything...i know u know a lot....n excuse me i m not formal...nor am i cry baby....:(...thek hai thek hai fine...accepted...
    n sorry for the usage again...i forget i always that i m not suppose to call u that..give mesometime i will get use to it!though i have changed it in the post!
    anyways thanks a ton!
    take care!
    God bless!

  17. @rohini
    thank u sooooooo muchhhhhhhhh dear...yes my name is parul...my friend here and otherwise call me parzi....;)
    it always makes me happy to know that we share common traits.....:)
    n honestly i dont think i write as well as u do..but u r really kind to appreciate my work always and encourage me!
    thanks a lotttttt!
    take care!

  18. @thoorika
    is it??????great!!!!same pinch:)
    thank u sooooooooooooooooooo much for reading and for those lovely words...i dont know if I am somewhere close to nice also but u surely are a sweetheart!
    thankssssssss a lotttttt;)
    take care!
    God bless!

  19. sweetheart u spoilt my pen name



    nd hey u can call me by that name cutie :D