Tuesday, August 2, 2011


God the creator of this world created many wonders...but the creation of man is said to be his finest works..but the creation of a woman is his most beautiful and divine work...
People often come up with statements like..'women are weak'...'females are just driven by emotion'...etc...etc(i m not over generalising this to everyone but a huge population of
people well educated...urbanised and supposedly civilised still foster such thoughts)...
what i want to ask all these discriminating souls that do they even realise what it takes to be a woman?
you say she is driven by emotions...do you pay any heed to the heart that feels for others...that empathises..that loves so selflessly and unconditionally..
you see her crying...but do you see the pain in those tears...the anger...the frustration..n mind u its not her weakness...its her endurance..her tolerance..
her silence speaks volumes for her patience....don't test it..because when that silence breaks and that lava erupts..its heat will melt all those chauvinists and burn them to ashes
a woman is an epitome of grace..beauty...love...power...generosity...affection...she is symbolic of strength...that's the reason God chose her to bear the pain of creating a life...
we often bow are heads before god...coz we know hes is our Creator...but we underestimate the power of a woman..who is the actual medium of creating life!
I am not a feminist ...i hold equal respect for people of different genders..cast....religion...the only thought behind scribbling these few lines is to remind everyone that its high time now...
set yourself free from age old thoughts n beliefs and give woman the respect ..recognition and admiration the deserve!

[p.s:i m back...this time....here to stay....i don't know if u guys still remember me...but i certainly do...n have really missed u all....anyway looking forward to read Ur works and off course
time to brush up my own writing skills as well....the journey begins..yet again.....]


  1. Welcome dear :)

    It was nice to read this thought of urs. I completely agree wid u :)

  2. Hiiii Parzi...

    wow, nice to see u back..:) keep up the good work..

    And, this post is a good choice for a comeback post... i too have met people who say such disappointing things about women.. one must understand and give respect..

    Well, look forward for ur writings..:)

    See u around ya..

  3. oyeeeeeeee kaisi hai parzi???? the link on your blogroll is wrong.. the pink orchid is here..why no recent updates?...aur likho..