Friday, September 28, 2012

Home Coming

Life is strange , unpredictable, full of  different  shades and  a wonderful  collection of short stories . Each story unfolds  with a  new  plot , a new  theme , a new  character but  the  story  writer is  the same , God .And trust  me it is really difficult to read His mind , whenever  you  think  you  know what  is going to happen next He changes the plan. His  compass redirects  you  from  one  direction to  the  other .Here I am , back  to  the  world  where  I  lived  some  of  the  most  beautiful  moments  of  my  life , got  familiar  with  this  beautiful  world  of  words , got  to know  some  amazing writers and even better  humans , read , wrote ,shared and then vanished .
Marriage was the new episode  in  the saga of life , things  changed , I changed , priorities changed , in short life  changed  360 degrees .A girl transformed  into a woman- some body's  wife , some body's daughter-in -law[ the term is just used  here to clarify the relationship status , I am a daughter to my new parents as well and they treat me like one..touch wood] , managing  relationships ,  managing  the  house , adjusting to a new city and what not .I  know  I m not  the  only  one  who has undergone  this metamorphosis   , all women  are born  with  this  inherent ability  and like  wet  clay  take  the  shape  of  the mould  they  are  put into , it certainly  isn't that easy  , but  a  very  enriching  experience .I too evolved  for  the better  and  I  am  very  happy  about  it  but midst  all  of  this  a  part  of  me  felt  empty .This  mind  thinks  a  thousand  things  all day , some  philosophical , some  stupid , some  related  to  the  day  to  day  life  and  some yield  to  the glory  of  imagination . , and  when  these  cluttered  thoughts  don't get  a  vent out they  feel like  a  burden .I realized  how  important  it  is  put  this  burden  off  my  mind  and  couldn't  think  of  a  place  better  than  the  blogger ville .This  feeling  is  like  coming  back  home , to breathe  some  fresh  air , meeting  old  friends , learning  something  new  and  letting  go  off  all  that  keeps  the  mind  occupied .I  have  made  a  come  back  a  couple  of  times  earlier  but  then got  engrossed  with other  things  in  such  a  manner  that  couldn't  keep  my  words  of  coming back , this  time  i  have  no  promises  to  make  but  just  an  urge  or  wish  to  be  here . To  share  my  experiences , allowing  my  imagination  to flow and  most  importantly  to fill  that  little  empty  space  in my  life where  if  not  talent  then  passion for  writing  always  existed .!
I am  not  giving  a  definite  end  to  this  post because it  is  just  the  beginning ...


  1. Hi Mrs. Parzi :P

    Didn't you say that you were returning in 2011 too? :P And in 2010 too? :P Both times you vanished for a year. Saal mein sirf ek baar yaad aata hai kya hum sab ko? ;) :P

    And marriage ko invite bhi nahi kiya humko! x-( How mean is that?


    1. hieeeeeeee r u?????so gud to c u after sooooooo long:)n the best part is u r still d first one to comment...reminded me of the old days..i m soooooo thankful to u...:)
      yes u r very right..i hv tried to come back earlier also but got involved in something or the other..but it wont happen again this tym...i wl try t be here as often as possible...really missed u all a lot..but better late than never:)
      n I m sorry about the invite as well...have no excuses to give...but will surely make up for it anyhow...:)
      but thank u soooooo much for remembering me..n for reading this one...thanks a ton!God bless!

  2. Welcome back gurl!! missed yah truly.

    tight hugs. ab shuru ho jaaao :D

    1. hieeeeeee pj
      thank u sooooooo much for the warm welcome...really means a lot to me.......i missed u too swthrt...but now that i m back...the gud old journey of reading n writing begins again...thank u soooooo much for visiting the dormant expressive thoughts..i will bring it back to life soon...hogae shuru!
      lots of luv n hugs!

  3. Welcome Back..n Congrats :)
    m eager to read ur posts..keep posting..i would love to read :)

    1. hieeeee...
      thank u soooooo much for the welcome...for liking the post n for taking out ur precious time to read...really means a lot to me...thank u:)
      god bless!