Saturday, October 27, 2012

In Search of The Past Days-10

Although Rahul  had  not  caught  up  on  much  sleep  because  of  his  excitement  to  see  Neha  the  following  day,still he  was  lazying  around  till  the  time  the  sound  of  the  alarm  brought  him  back  from  his  world  of  fantasies...he  quickly  searched  for  it  near  the  bed side and switched it off and with  his  eyes  still closed... he thought  of  grabbing  onto  a  last  2  minute  nap  but  just  then  the  thought that  neha  would  be  waiting  for him  came  to his  mind  n  there  n then  he  quickly jumped  out  of  the  bed  n  headed  straight  towards  the  washroom ...

He was  out  in flat  10  minutes  after  taking  a  shower... he quickly pulled  out  the  red  shirt  Neha  had  gifted  him  on  his  last  birthday ,from  the  closet..teamed it up  with a pair of blue  jeans..n there  he  was  ready..just  the  way  Neha like him to be..he  sprayed  her  favorite  perfume n taking  the  keys  of  the  car  he  dashed  out  of  the  house..strange  it  was, besides  being  before  his  eyes  every  minute  that  he  spent  in  the  house  Neha was  invisible  to  him  and  today  even  in  her  absence  Rahul  was  behaving  like  she  had  an  eye  on  everything  he  was  doing  but  still  he  sneaked  out  without  breakfast..something  that  Neha  was  very  particular  about.
On  his  way  to  meet  Neha  he  tuned  in the  radio n  it was  like each  n  every  song  was  just played  for  him..dramatising  his  situation..he  could  picture  himself  with  neha  in  all  the  songs...quite  filmy  na...but  then  who  says  love  is  about  making  sense  all the  in fact  liberates  you  of  everything..n  here  was  it  all up  the  second time  but  thankfully  the  woman  was  the  same.

On  the  other  hand  Neha  was  actually  getting  ready...after  months...she  dint even  remember  when  was  the  last  time..she  dressed  up..properly...when  did  she  do  make  up...when  did  she  admire  herself  in  the  mirror...and  why  would  she...because  the  eyes that  made  her  feel  beautiful  had  no time  to  stop  at  her...the  words  of  praise  that  used  to  make  up  her  days..were  lost  in  the  clatter  of life and  off course  then  her  deteriorating  health  took  a toil  on  her ...But  today  was  a  different  day..she  was  dressed  in  a  beautiful  pink  salwar  kammez...  

She was there right  before  the  mirror...combing  her  first she  put it  up  in  a  bun..but  then  loosened  it  down..just  the  way  Rahul  liked  it...after  days...there  was  a  shine  in  her  eyes..which  appeared all the  more mesmerising  once  they  were outlined  with  kohl  n the  liner..then came  the  lip  gloss  followed  by  the  blush on...she  then  stood  up n  thinking  of  rahul and  took  out  some  bangles  out  of  her  bangle  box...Neha  had  a  sparkling  collection  of  bangles...because  Rahull loved  the  sight n sound  of  her  bangles  n she  herself  had  a  fetish  for  them...after  accessorizing herself...she  picked  up  her  dupatta  n  just  when  she  was  about  to  settle  it...the  door bell rang  again!

p.s: okay I can literally say it took me  years  to come up with the next part of  the  series that i had started long old readers would surely remember or catch up soon..hopefully..n if i m lucky enough to have new visitors..then they are most welcome to go through the previous parts...hope u guys like it n can remember it n connect with it...waiting for your feedback...n if the response is good..then u will surely have the other parts coming soon...thanks a lot for reading n really sorry for the delay..

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