Saturday, July 18, 2009

Its Raining....

The monsoons have started and what should I say...I just love the rains...everything seems to be washed...nature at its best...the lush green grass..the dusky sky...droplets of water on the flowers and leaves..the mist around...the cool breeze...and the smell of the wet mud...woww...its awesome...sitting next to my window...I can see water splashing on the pane...with a nice hot cup of tea in my hands...and my favorite music playing in the background..and just being with myself..I'm experiencing bliss...nothing seems to feels with every drop of rain.. God is showering his blessings and wash out all the worries..and refreshing not only the nature but sum up the experience in one word...beautiful!

[p:s-not a meaningful post...sorry...just wanted to share this so wrote it]


  1. It was meaaningful hun..

    Well you guys are making me just Jealous.. It's so hot in this desert!!!! :(

  2. Who says its not meaningful?
    Every word is dripping like rain.
    Beautiful imagery. loved the description.I could feel your joy which the monsoon has brought.
    The pic is superb.
    Writing is very picturesque.
    take care.

  3. rains..heyy it rained badly here also today I mean in Rajasthan :P

    hahah had a lot of fun..

    rains r everything..funny romantic soothing ahhh...i too luv them :):)

  4. well I like rain if I'm indoors... good post! :)

  5. wow..!! gr8 :)

    I too had recently been to a hill station in karnataka called Sakleshpur and it rained 24/7 for 4 days .... The freshness, the greenery.. i loved those 4 days... :)


  6. Hey gal... just to let you know I'm following you now... couldn't before due to some error message popping up :O

  7. aww...good description of rain..i cud feel the bliss :)

    Pics are perfect that carry the feel..nice choice the evidence of all these comments from us can assure u that its such a refreshing post like rain ..!

  8. Hi! Parzi,

    It’s a wonderful post. It feels as if Your emotions & the rainy season are intertwined in this post. I was delighted to read it.
    Well Done………
    Do visit My blog…………
    Good luck for next posts………….

    I’ll be eagerly waiting for your comments on my posts.

    Have a gr88888888888 day ahead………..

    Keep Smiling……!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ohh thats fantastic... Great to know that you are enjoying yourself! :D :D

    Hey, you have been tagged by me. Do take it up sometime. It is titled - A to Z...Something About Me!! Thanks :)

  10. I love the rains Parul..and trust me you have covered it beautifully.. and how are you doing? remember me?

    Kajal here.. :)

  11. @pinkz...
    great..same pinch dear!

  12. @nuchu
    thanks dear! intentions to make u jealous...and dont worry u r coming to India now n the monsoons r u can have fun as well!

  13. @abhilasha
    aww...thank you...
    u r always so encouraging and kind...glad u liked it...thanks a ton dear!

  14. @priya...
    seriously yr..they make u feel like heaven...
    and now that its raining there..have fun
    take care
    god bless!

  15. @rosh
    thank u soooo much for reading me...its a pleasure to have u here...thanks a ton sweetheart!
    god bless you!

  16. @arjun
    as always great to c ur comment here
    thanks for sharing ur experience..rains actually lead to beautiful experiences!
    thank you!
    take care!

  17. @vyshu
    thank u sooooooo much...really very sweet n kind of u to say all that...its really very encouraging...
    take care
    god bless!

  18. @hiee manjari
    thank u soooooo much for liking it and for the adorable feedback...
    and yes...u don't need to say it...u will certainly find me visiting ur blog..coz i really like following it dear!
    all the best to u too
    take care!

  19. @arthi
    thank u sooooo nice to c ur comment...
    n thanks a lot for the tag...will surely take it up soon...thank u soooooooooooooo much!
    take care

  20. @kajal
    are u kidding can i forget u...
    i cant put in words how happy am I to c u back...thanks for coming back...we all really missed u a lot...
    so welcome back dear...i'm eagerly waiting to read ur work...and looking forward to learn a lot from you!
    lots of love and hugs!
    take care and keep writing!

  21. Old cuckoo wakes up of a sudden,
    it dances to the tunes of its joy,
    Alas!the news has come,
    It is raining.

    Cheerful.Rain brings respite and it freeds us frm the schorching heat.The sun will surely sue me for writing this.. :P