Friday, July 17, 2009

A Broken Dre@m

It had been dwelling in my eyes since a long time
I had kept it close to my heart and called it mine
To see it breaking was my biggest fear...
Now it flows down my cheek as a silent tear..
I want to yell,cry,shout and scream..
as before me lies my shattered dream..
I thought i would make it a reality and the world would see
but this not what destiny wanted it to be..
My eyes are empty..they lost their spark and glare
the dream took the hope along and left me alone in despair...


  1. what happened stupid.... bolti kyun nahi mujhe..dumb???

  2. Hey I didn't know you are such a good poetess.
    Beautiful couplets.
    After that happy story, this sad poem hmmm. I hope everything is right at your end and its just a writer's creative mind echoing.Am I right. sadness is a part of life that soon goes away but its good to express them and you have marvellously done so.

  3. tat ws sad but touching lines..beautifull expressed..i hope it's not abt ur dreams :)

    hope u r fine :)

  4. Are you okay babe??

    I thought your next post would be Proposal - 5.. :(

    Take care dear...

  5. i hope to dear lord, that this beautiful poem is a fiction poem parzi...

    the words were good... nice rhyme and flow...
    what happened? are u okay dear?

    take care...

  6. @stibumama
    arrey nothing just like that worries...sach mei..

  7. @abhilasha...
    aww..thank u soooo much...for the compliment...i don't know if i deserve it but it surely made me smile...
    thanks a ton...yes...this one is quite a contrast to the proposal...but don't worry everything is fine..thanks for being so concerned..really sweet of u to inquire..but all well sweetheart...
    thanks once again..god bless!

  8. @priya...
    thanks a ton...glad u like it...
    well not all dreams come true...and then probably this is what we all go through...hope this never happens to for me...not all that fictitious...
    but not all that serious as well...
    thank u...take care
    god bless!

  9. @princess nuchu..
    I'm fine thank you sooo much for being so kind n really made me feel nice..
    well...if I would have written proposal 5...then I dont know about you..but rest everybody would have killed me...I would have written it...but then is not all that bad...haha..what do u say..?
    anyway..take care
    keep smiling!

  10. @leo...
    thank u sooo much for all your concern and prayers..really means a lot to me...thank you...very kind of u to say all that
    I'm I said..not all that fictitious...but not as big as the words show it to be...something from the past came into mind..had scribbled it...rephrased it...and put it up here...thats all..:)
    take care
    keep smiling
    god bless!

  11. Itz really nice.
    n ur blog is beautiful !~!
    Hope u'll like mine too.

  12. Amazingly written ..!!

    Hope.. things r fine with u .. :)

    As for the poem, lovely parzi :) I could relate to it so much... Typical of how a person would feel when his/her dreams are shattered...

    Sry for being late..


  13. Wow this was amazing made me so emotional....i wrote a poem on broken dreams a long back and this poem made me remember it....this was perfect...amazing poem!
    keep writing :)

  14. @arjun
    thank youuuuuuu!
    and u dont need to be sorry at all..plzzzzz...its completely okie...
    and thanks for asking...i'm absolutly fine..really very kind of u to ask...thank u
    take care
    god bless!

  15. @mysterious girl
    thank u soooooo much...its a pleasure to have u here...welcome....
    thanks a lot for liking my work ,for reading me and for being so encouraging
    take care
    god bless!

  16. @restless poet
    thank u soooooooo much...for liking it..
    keep writing
    god bless!