Thursday, June 11, 2009

Awwww B@byyyy.....

Angelic eyes that reflect innocence..cute,red plump cheeks..that everyone wants to pull..a smile that can make u forget all your sorrows in a second..that's the aura of a child...a baby...
this little so beautiful...untouched by hatred,unaware of the bitter realities of life and ignorant of the world of superficiality,selfishness n shallowness...
you know why children r special...n why do we say that god resides in the heart of a child...because that's the only place where love and peace has no place for anger,jealousy,prejudices or for that matter any such element that takes man away from man...and its this inner beauty that makes every child so beautiful and adorable..
Hold a little baby in your arms...n u will never want to put it down...see him balancing his little body on his tiny legs taking those first few steps...n it will sweep u off your feet..a tear in his eyes...and pain in your heart...his naughty smile n a delightful chuckle...makes u think life is perfect..the way his little fingers reaches out fr your hand...the way he clings on to you for support n u feel like sheltering him and giving him the world's security...that's the bliss u experience...when u have these little angels of God around...
I don't know ...i just love babies...n completely adore them...they have the ability to arrest my attention in a crowd of hundred...i feel like holding them,playing with them...or can spend hours together just observing them when they are all happy n merry in their own little world...and then typically i end up saying..."awwwww...choooo chweeeeett...."...which i know is a very common expression...especially amongst people who are fascinated by kids...but then that's how it is...

I know this writeup doesn't make much sense..sorry for that...its just that i met a really two days back...and was constantly remembering him so that's what made me write this...
So I will end it write here with a very sweet quote that i had read somewhere, it said-"A baby makes love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for!!"


  1. the baby was just as cute as u r....:P

    vaise nice post cutieee!!!!

    heartfelt post!!

    Solitary Writer

  2. this is so beautiful...It does make sense..u just go on to feel how the experience cud be :)

    cute baby pics dear

  3. Awww.. the last baby is cho cute! Obvi the post makes sense! hey after all its your blog! and you have all the right to write whatever you feel :)

  4. cute and sweet... :)

    I too loved the quote.. :)


  5. Hey Parzi,

    I so loved this post... straight from the heart! :)

    The baby pics were so cute and I loved the quote!! Very well said... :)

  6. @stibumama
    once agn thank u soooooooooooooooo much...4 being so kind,supportive n encouraging...thank you stibu mama...u r simply the frend..
    god bless u
    keep smiling!

  7. @priya...
    thanks a ton...4 appreciating my work..n being so sweet...means a lot 2 me...
    as 4 d pics...thanks to google..;)

  8. @thoorika...
    thank u sooooo much 4 giving me d confidence n encouragemnt 2 write watever i feel...i ws a little doubtful abt ths post...but all u guys wer so sweet that...i hv a smile on my face now...thank u!

  9. @arjun..
    thank u sooooo much once again...
    god bless you!

  10. @arthi..
    thank u soooooo muchhhh dear...i'm vry glad to knw that u liked wat i wrote...thanks a ton 4 being so kind..n supportive[:)]
    god bless!

  11. awee..! babies are really very cute..!
    nice write up !
    hey if u hav an acc at orkut.. so plz send me requst.. at

  12. This post made me cry and crave!! :'(