Friday, June 19, 2009

When we listen to it..why doesn't it listen to us?

It loves whom it wants to...
never seeks permission from u..
It makes pain a paying guest
and makes you forget the rest..
It locks up its favourite memory
and never gives us the key
It fills its rooms with ache
forces you to walk around with a smile that's fake
It rules our lives n plays the most important part
Yes you made the right guess..I'm talking about our heart
It makes most of us its bonded slaves
n shows us hell when it begins to crave

It makes us makes us cry
still people say listen to it.. I don't know why?

p.s:I myself think that you should follow your heart..its painful...but it leaves u with less regrets..heart ache is inevitable at times...but then pain makes you feel alive..these lines are just to highlight the dilemma of people who listen to their heart..n lose control over it...even at times when they shouldn't...when their soft side takes over them and they invite pain themselves..and feel shattered and helpless!


  1. First time at ur blog..!..Its very xpressive Dear..!

    And,this post is nice..kinda witty style of approach ..:)

    loved it.!

  2. very well expressed...
    liked it :)

  3. well said dear..well all is true..abt pains and regrets. yet we don't stop listening to it and it never stops doing wat it wants..strange but tat's wat it is like.

  4. lovely.. u r absolutely correct. the pain keeps us alive. the feeling keeps us alive..

    pain is the language of love. and heart is the one which gives birth to it.

    keep writing.

  5. very rightly said parul.. :)

    i really dont kno wat to say.. but that i'm wondering abt wat all u wrote here .. so true :)


  6. @vyshu...
    thank uuuuuu soooo much fr visiting my blog...pleasure 2 hv u here...
    n thanks a ton fr appreciating my work...i'm glad u liked it...
    thank you!

  7. @puneet
    thank u sooooooo much...
    god bless!

  8. @priya..
    seriously...wish u cud help sadly we can't..thank u so much 4 ur comment..n 4 coming here n taking out the tym 2 read wat i write...means a lot 2 me...
    thank u!

  9. @pinkzzz nice 2 c ur comment...thank u sooooo much dear....

  10. @arjun..
    once agn thank u soooooooooo muchhhhhhhh...ur comments r always so sweet n encouraging...i actually look forward 2 thm...
    thanks a ton!realy vry kind of u...!

  11. hmm i see my 3rd kid flourishing in blogworld

    thats the spirit beta.....i knw u will bring such topics/......quite true and i loved this

    ur status in orkt was related to tis naa..........

  12. @stibumama
    thank u soooooooooo much stibu mama...i owe it all to u...i'm glad that u liked wt i wrote...thanks a ton fr being so supportive n encouraging always....
    thank u..u r the best!

  13. :) The words are so true here.. I am a heart follower! :P

  14. Thanks Parzi, we'll be in touch.............

    Good luck...........Fornext posts........