Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beginning of a new journey...

Today..I'm all set to enter the big blog world..actually on second thoughts not all that set..honestly a little scared,a little skeptical,and a lot in self doubt..because now I will be shaping my thoughts into words..and those words won't be on the pages of my diary but here..where if I'm lucky people will come and read what I have to say..for all you mind blowing expert bloggers and writers it may not be a big deal at all...but for me it really is...I've spent 21 years of my life...without sharing my inside with anybody...initially nobody cared enough to listen and by the time someone actually did..I had lost the ability to open up..not that I'm complaining..I have beautiful souls around me for which I'm extremely grateful to God..Its just that I don't think what I feel or say is important and honestly I do have a lot of trash filled up inside...which I'm trying to clear up..hope it happens soon...for now I'm making an effort to pour my heart and mind into pen down what I feel..I don't possess..the talent of being able to use dramatic phrases or elaborate see the writing skills are in the process of my expression might be very simple..I have been writing earlier...but except a few poems nothing exactly from beginning to the end..just open lines here and my diary..and blogging was something I couldn't have even dreamt of in my wildest imagination..and today if I have a blog and the courage to write here, its only because of one of my best friend whom I met online on orkut some time be precise 21st September 2007..He is the sole reason I'm here today...he was the one who thought I could write...he inspired me...gave me the courage to believe in begin a fact I din't even know how to make one...he took out the time to make one for me..and gave me the instructions to go about it while we were chatting...and I won't be exaggerating it one bit if I say that I must have asked him hundreds of lame questions..but he was very kind enough to answer them all patiently...Ufff...just look at me...I'm going on and on about him but forgot to disclose his identity only..for me he is stibumama and for the members of the blog world..The Solitary Writer..and now that I have revealed the name I don't think I need to introduce him any further... Best friend...i owe a lot to you...thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh for encouraging me,inspiring me the confidence to write,for believing in me...and for all your help,time,patience,support and most importantly for being the wonderful friend that you are...I just don't have words to express my gratitude..Thank you sooooo muchh...I will try my level best to not let you down...and if I can...I wish I make u proud someday...Thanks a ton!This could have just not been possible without you!I'm really blessed to have a friend like you![STATUTORY WARNING:I will be eating a lot of your head in the upcoming prepared..coz you know I'm dumb..] There is another person I need to thank and that is"miss pink orchid"..another awesome blogger...again needs no introduction..Thank you sooooooooo much dear..You haven't even read my works still you joined in..its really encouraging and means a lot to me...I hope I don't disappoint u...thank u soooo much!! I extend a very warm welcome to all those readers who take out their precious time to visit my blog...thank you soooooooooo much in advance I hope my words can bind you if not then at least your feedback will enable me to improve...looking forward to a nice learning and sharing experience. Thank you, God bless.


  1. Hey Parul,

    Welcome to the world of blogging. Its so good to have you here! :)

    Write your heart out... :)


  2. hmm. ....first post madam...wht an entry ..i remember me writing my first post after having created my blog...although it took ages for me to post my first was dec3rd nd urs is june 3rd wow.....nice entry yaa...

    as i said..u r surrounded by beautiful souls all around u this blogworld and to be honest this is amongst the best entry for starting a blog....well i havent done anything cutie..... imagine u always thanking u best frnd for every deed .. ..r u mad cutie......i will kill u if u ever thank me again ... samjiiii ...hmm miss pink orchid will be happy as well :)

    god bless u parziii... share ur work here we r here for u dear .....samjiii cutieeeee

  3. nice read.
    welcome to the world of bloggin.
    u inspiring me to start a blog too.
    nah but im too lazy to blog newyas :P

    enjoy blogging.
    looking forward to reading ur posts :)

  4. gud that u have opened up...doesn't matter if ur lines if ur lines are not dreamy or ur ..language is not flamboyant..i seen some awesome bloggers writing ek dum dil se and excelling. I believe u will be one of 'em !

  5. Welcome Little Girl,

    Well, the world of blogging is small... there was a time, when I started, I used to think that there is no one else in here - then, when I joined The Writers Lounge (Where I'm sure you will be joining soon) I found many of the people around me writing blogs - that means, I started to know people whom I felt close to... and now again, I feel I am almost alone in this world.

    This was not to discourage you in anyway... The World of Blogging is worth a visit... Keep writing... Keep blogging...

    When I started blogging, the idea was completely different... now a days, I feel the idea of blogging has changed and hence, I changed too... I wish you all the success here and I am sure you will get many friends to interact and discuss life with... Have a good time...

    Best of Luck :)

    PS: Now that you have started it, dont leave it. I am sure this will be the first Debutant Blog Post with so many comments in it. Thats a nice start - you just need to carry on!

  6. I'm sure its a bit scary to start blogging, and it is kinda scary thinking about what ppl wil say about your blog..will they like you vice versa and whatever! you did a good job, and you a great template!! bring it on.
    Will be waiting!!

  7. Fantastic. The feel of your blog is also nice.
    Keep writing.

  8. Great start :)
    Have confidence in ur talent, and keep the good work going :) Keep writing!
    God Bless you!

  9. welcome to the big blog world..! :)

    thats a good start! looking fwd for more from u...!

  10. hey parul...welcome welcome!! :)

    d world of blogging is just so awesome n u will realise that soon...!! or may b u already have coz u have ste by ur side! ;)

    a nice entry post...warm n sweet...waitin to read more of u...u r a good writer...have read lil from u earlier too..."The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of" was a really really good one...the quote given such a sweet form..

    n ya..bloggin gives u so many nice frnds too...n u already have many frnds around....ste k hum sab frnds tere frnds... :)

    keep writing...all d besttt!!

  11. there are two audiences you will garner for your blog: your own friends who know you well and will read your blog cuz ur are their frnd. and unknown peopl who dont know you but still give your blog a try.

    if you want your blog to be read by a lot of people, remember to keep it fresh. you may write personal stuff, but make sure u write it in a way people will wanna read it. not in a way that will make ppl feel they are not invited to read it and is private.

    best of luck

  12. hey.. welcome to blogger... giv wings to ur creativity n fly high!!! lots of friends to make.. n lots of things to share.. hope u enjoy urself!

    good luck :)

  13. Nice template !! Welcome to the blog world !!! You hav a wonderful person to guide you !! Irritate Stephen as much as you can with your questions!!! :D Looking forward to read your posts !!!

  14. Welcome to the Blogosphere !
    You hv started really well...& keep it up


  15. Welcome to the league....
    Hope we share a good time getting to know abt each others thoughts.... :)
    All the best... :)

  16. The best Thing blogging did to me is FRIENDS.... I will be ever thankful for that.. :)

    Welcome Parul... With Ste supporting u, it wont be problem to make this place a lovely one.. :) ...


  17. welcome
    to this beautiful world of writers and poet

    so rock this world with your thoughts
    and emotions

  18. awwwww simply lovely gal...

    welcome to blogeville :)

  19. awww....what should say i'm soooooooooooooo overwhelmed by the response given by each one of you...thank u sooooooooooooo much fr such a warm and encouraging really means a lot to me...thanks a ton fr taking out the tym to read it...thanks fr all your suggestions and guidance..thanks a ton for all the best and support..I really need it...thanks for accepting me...n trusting me...I will try not to disappoint u..thank u sooooooooo muchhh...and more than anything else for offering the gift of your friendship..I consider myself lucky that I got an opportunity to knw some amazing people..I already have a huge smile on my face...which I owe to all of u...thank u sooooooo muchhhhhhhh!
    a big special thanks to u STIBUMama..all of this has only become possible because of you...thank u!
    God bless you all!

  20. aarthi....
    thank u sooooooooooooo much fr such a loving and warm welcome...its really very kind and encouraging of u...thanks a ton...ur adorable!

  21. stibu mama...
    a may thank u a billion times but still it less infrnt of all dt u've dun for me....thank u sooo much fr intoducing me to ths beautiful place and all these amazing people!
    thanks fr all ur encouragemnt and support...had it nt been fr u...i wouldn't be here...
    thank u sooooooooooooooooooo much best frend...i OWE IT ALL TO YOU!
    keep smiling
    god bless!

  22. shridhar...thanks a ton fr such an overwhelming response...realy kind of u..
    n well to tell u the truth if i cn write thn anybody in ths world can...n I'm sure u r plzzz go ahead n let ur pen speak...xpecting u to write soon...n promise to be a eregular reader fr sure!
    go ahead...all d best!

  23. peter...aww...thats such an encouraging statement...I hope i cn do that...but thnk u so much fr placing that trust n belief in me...realy need it...
    thank u!

  24. tan...
    thank u soooooooooo much for the welcome...the best wishes and ur encouraging and inspiring words...and ur advises...i wll surely keep thm in mind...ur words reflect ur experience and wisdom...thanks a ton fr taking out d tym to read and inpire really means a was really very sweet of u..
    n i knw nobody to say at tyms r close n frens..become like stars...v may not see thm bt they r always there...n as long as u hv thm.,..u wont be alone..i hope ths feeling leaves u soon...coz u deserve to be happy!
    god bless!

  25. crystal...thank u soooooooo much 4 appreciating my work...n being so encouraging n supportive...thank you1
    n as fr the template i can't tk d ws stibumama...who chose it fr thank u stibumama!

  26. dr. internet...thank u soooooooooo much!vry kind of u!

  27. manu...thanks a ton fr ur encouragemnt n apreciation...
    i will try my level best to post some good work here!

  28. leo...thanks a lot...4 such a nice response...i will try to fulfill ur expectations...thanks a ton!

  29. priyanka...thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much 4 being so kind,friendly,warm n encouraging..i'm really glad that i'm getting an opportunity 2 be friends wid amazing ppl like u...thank u so much...4 such a warm welcum..
    a special thanks 4 appreciating my previous artcal..i'm surprised that u remember it...vry sweet of.u...
    yes all possible coz of stibumama...i'm here coz of him..n he is the one who made it so easy fr me..n also coz of him i gt 2 interact wid u guys...i'm realy grateful to him...
    all u frenz r just wonderful...thanks 4 everythng...
    godbless you...!

  30. gaurav tarkar...
    thanks a ton 4 ur advise...i really appreciate it...n will definitly keep it in mind..
    thank u soo much fr u wishes...!

  31. hiee shruti...
    thank u soooooooo muchhhh...yes i'm looking forward to a nice learning n sharing write..what i feel...n make frends with some wonderful ppl..
    thank much fr reading my frst post n being so kind n encouraging!
    god bless!

  32. thoorika...
    thank u soooo much fr the warm welcome!
    yes u r ryt i'm blessed to hv stibumama to guide me...he is d one who made it all possible fr me fr which i cn nevr thank him enough...n the template is also his choice...n dont worry yr..u hv no idea how technically lame i jus pray that he is saved 4m my torturous questions..poor thing ...i feel bad for guess thats the price he is paying for being my best friend![:P]...
    anyway...thank u soooo much for ur sweet means a lot!
    god bless!

  33. divya sai...
    thankssssssss a lotttttt....4 being so encouraging and inspiring...i'm really glad..n overwhelmed..thank you...godbless!

  34. vitruvian boy....
    thank you....i hope so too..
    luking forward 2 a gud learning n sharig experience!
    thanks a lot!

  35. arjun...
    thats really true i cn already feel that...besides reading,writing n sharing..ths place gives u sum awsome frens as well...which makes the entire experience all d more beautiful..
    n yes without stibumama...i wouldn't hv been able to do anythng here...thank god he is there...else i would hv really messed up!
    anyway thank u sooooooooooooooo much!

  36. chirag...
    thank u sooooooooooooo much fr the welcome...its really very kind n encouraging of u...thanks a ton!

  37. priya...
    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....really very sweet of u to say that...thanks a lottttttttttt!

  38. Hiii parul.. Welcome to the world of blog girl.. Keep bloggin..

  39. Heya! Welcome dear.. Flood your thoughts.. even if it is unworthy or lame.. we are here to read it.. no matter what!..

  40. blossol blue...
    thank u sooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh...
    very kind of u!

  41. princess nuchu..

    thank u soo muchhhhhhhhh 4 being so warm..welcoming n supportive....i reaaly appreciate it...thnks a gvng me d comfort of writing what i feel...n d assurance that u r there to read...realy vry sweet of u..
    thnk you!
    god bless!

  42. A good start. You got a long way to go. I'm basically surprised abt the overwhelming response souls have poured in here.
    God bless!