Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Proposal-2

The words of the lady motivated him..he got the boost he was looking for..not that he was confident of a "yes"..but he knew that he just had to say it to her today...come what may..immediately all doubt left him..and a smile flashed on his face..he got up enthusiastically..kissed the wrinkled hand of the lady and said.."thank u soooo much for being my guiding light and showing me the way when i was all lost..can u do me a favor..i want to meet u tomorrow morning here again..coz whatever happens today...i will need u 2morrow...if its a yes then u will be the first person 2 i want 2 share this special news with n if its no...guess i will need more of your wisdom n a stronger dose of will u please...???....
"off course son...i will..don't blessings are with u..I'm going to the church right now...will pray for you..n remember one thing don't go to her with any preconceived notions..whatever u say ,say it from Ur heart.."..he nodded in a pleasing manner..and ran back home...
Quickly he took a shower...came out..opened his closet..and there he went again.."what do i wear??" he picked out a green t-shirt with a rock band printed on it..and a pair of cargo pants.."noo...she wont like it..she hates such clothes..hmmm...then what..this blue one???naa...".."ufff...""yess!!!i know what will she like...simple and boring that she is...a blue pair of jeans n a white shirt.."..." actually makes u do crazy things..if i wear that..everyone will think I've come for an interview..that's not my look...for her i will have to transform from a dude to a dud...gosh..."
"but that's how she has always imagined the boy of her dreams to be dressed..".."i can do that for her.."...he quickly called his friend and asked him to arrange for a white shirt...just then he noticed that he had not shaved his face..and was Riya use to keep telling him to do that but he did it at his own leisure once in a week..and then in order to irritate her more he use to rub his cheeks against hers...n she is used to go"eeeeeeeew.."n run...he went into the washroom to shave his face and while shaving he was constantly smiling in front of the mirror...and was thinking how the girl he used to fight with day and night..irritate or play pranks on..became the love of his life..."life seems perfect when i have her around"..just then his cell phone was Riya...his heartbeat increased..taking a short deep breath in n out he picked up the phone.."idiot...where are you..????at least one day you could have got up know i have to leave tomorrow..and we were all suppose to go out today...everybody is here in college...except u..u just come here..i will show u..."..she said..."I'm sorry yar...i will just be there"..he said in a subtle manner n disconnected the call...
Riya got the shock of her life.."sorry??????and him...i guess i called up the wrong person...ufff..."
Just then his friend Rahul came with the white shirt...he quickly went n changed..n came out...Rahul was amazed.."you know Sameer...U've never looked so good...Riya will be surprised for sure"..."I just hope she is surprised man...n not shocked...".."It will go fine yar don't worry...chal lets rush..we are already late...else forget the proposal...she will eat you for breakfast..."both of them have a laugh...and leave for college!

[to be continued]


  1. oh man! :D
    eat him for breakfast?!! :D lol, hope not..!

    the proposal is goin good... good guidance by the lady and yet he's nervous... must love her a lot!

    keep writing...

  2. Again to be continued!!! Uff... ! :D

  3. u gave me nice slap ther..:P i was damn happy tat i wudn't hav ta wait n u say "to be contd"


    well waitin at ur mercy ji zara jaldi karengi...:P

  4. Hello! Dear,

    Cooooooooooool as usual.........
    will be looking forward to the third part........Keep writiing & keep entertaining readers like this............

    Good luck.........
    I'll be waiting 4 ur response on my blog........


  5. hahahah... hey.. sooon update the part 3 ... cannot wait!

  6. i love to be contds... esp when the writer weaves such a web that you just keep getting entangled :)

  7. @leo
    thank u soooooo muchhhhhhh....i'm glad u r liking it so far...hope i don't disappoint u as the story unfolds..thanks a ton!

  8. @thoorika...
    sorry a slow a slow writer...n juub likhti hun toh forget to keep track of words...isliye stretch hogaya...will complete it soon
    sorry for testing your patience...

  9. @priya... u can give one back to me...for stretching it....hahaha...
    i'm sure u will kill me for not completing it again...oopsss sorry...jaldi jaldi khatam karungi ab...promise!

  10. @princess nuchu..
    hieee....thanks for liking it so far...hope u like the next part as well....thank uuuuuuuu!

  11. @blue moon nice to see u here again...thanks for ur encouragement n appreciation...means a lot to me..thank you...
    n yess will surely be visit ur blog again..u don't need to say it...i'm fond of good write ups...n u r exceptionally continue writing...
    hugsss+best wishes!

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  13. @AD
    pleasure to have u here...n sooooooo glad to read your comments full of encouragement...thank you soooo much for liking my work...n for the lovely feedback...
    thanks a ton!
    god bless!

  14. Hey Parzi
    this story has kept me glued from the beginning.I am eagerly waiting for the end.

    I hope you don't have any sad ending in your mind.

    You've carried forward Sameer's feelings so well that he doesn't deserve a rejection.I'll be heartbroken if he does.

    Pls.. I wanna know what happens next. N tell you what, Sameer is my latest crush ha...ha..
    Post soon


  15. Again continued!!! I know what might these readers felt when they were reading this post. I am reading all ur posts now and I have ur next post in front of my eyes and still I am like "No yaar .. phir se continued .. ek hi baar mein likh do" .. I am so excited ... I am in love with ur blog :