Monday, June 8, 2009

From dusk to dawn....

It was 5.45 appeared as the evening sky was painted in shades of pink,yellow,orange and violet by the strokes of a paint brush...a cool breeze was were closing their petals...the daylight was getting dim.. was nature's way of bidding a daily farewell to the was the time for the sun to set...
I opened the door of my balcony...sat on the chair outside...n gazed at the was all so beautiful,radiant,bright yet cool...slowly n slowly the sun was was as if with each minute it was moving one more step close to darkness..I have often heard people saying that on should never look at the setting sun..for some its a bad omen,others consider it unlucky...and a few others think it signifies the end of something....I was just wondering why do people have to connect something so a misfortune?...Why can't they sit back and admire the beauty of god's portrait.. so wonderful so serene..
...In a short while...even the tinniest rays of the sun faded if somebody had covered that canvass of god with a dark grayish black cloth..once it was all dark I came inside..and just then it occurred to me that...
"yes darkness does eat away light everyday..but even if we shut our eyes to will still happen that way..nothing is going to change... and its this darkness, that we all our so scared of..that gives meaning to light..if we notice..even the slightest ray of light shines brightly against a dark background...but the same ray loses its identity when its all bright and illuminated..light emerges out of is born out of the night...the end itself is symbolic of a new beginning...these are the hues of life..sometimes dull sometimes bright.. if we don't experience the wrong will we ever know whats right????.."

So let the sun set...if you want a new day to come...and remember the darkest night leads to the brightest day...if we want to salute the rising sun..we need to be strong enough to wave good bye to the setting sun with a the hope of a better tomorrow!!!


  1. You pen down your thoughts in a very nice way!! And if parzi is your real name then its a very beautiful one!!!

  2. And I am the first one to comment!!! Yay!!! :D

  3. hmm u knw wht paro... i knew this talent in u,,,wht a nice way to speak abt something which is thought provoking . ..yes its truth ki after darness u see a brightful day...similarly sorrowful days will be followed by success ,joy and happiness ,. .. ...gud that u wrote this cutie....yays tera 2nd post

    keep 'em cumin cutie...u dont cease to make me proud....


  4. Wow.. That was inspiring and it touched me.. U know wat.. I kind of feel much better after reading this... The Feel Good Factor... Lovely..!!

    N i say- This blog will go onto become a beautiful beautiful place.. Lovely write up.. :)


  5. impressive keep blogging :)

  6. Wonderful narration of the evening sunset at the starting.. loved it!

    And I have never known that it is bad to look at the sun set.. :O.. Good hehe!

    Gr8 work dear!

  7. wow! this is just beautiful! :)

    loved the sunset description...
    for me sunset defines end of the day! and soon will begin the night to mull over ur thoughts! :)

    loved it parzi...

  8. @thoorika....
    thank u sooooooooo muchhh...4 appreciating my work...n yes fr being the first one 2 comment...
    well parzi is nt my real name...its parzi is wat my frens cal me...[:)]
    so thank u...dear..god bless!

  9. @stibumama...
    thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhh...i'm so honured to knw that the solitary writer liked my write up...means a lot!thank you...if i cn write a little bit its all coz of u...u gv me d confidence i din't have!
    i'm glad i made u proud...n will try nt 2 disappoint u...
    thank u soooooo much!god bless!

  10. @arjun...
    what should i sayy....thank uuuuuuuuuuuu ur comment is really overwhelming..i'm very glad 2 know that my words made somebody felt better....hope i cn manage to do that in future as well...
    thanks a ton 4 ur appreciation,wishes n ws realy very nice...thanks a ton!
    keep smiling
    god bless!

  11. @shridhar..
    thank u soooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh!
    i'm waiting 2 read ur works...wen do i gt 2 c u blogging....?????

  12. @princess nuchu...
    thank u sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh.....
    realy very kind of u...thanks a ton...glad 2 c ur comment....thanks a lot...
    god bless!

  13. @leo...
    thank u soooooooo muchhhhhhhhh....4 appreciating my work...4 tking out d tym 2 read nn fr being so encouraging....thanks a ton...
    god bless u...!

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