Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sorry....feel it..say it...mean it!

"SORRY"...a five letter word that we all commonly use to express our repentance over a mistake...its a simple way of conveying our disappointment n sorrow over something wrong that we did...then whether its for pushing somebody in a crowded bus...for displacing anger on someone unnecessarily..or..for making somebody wait..what i just mentioned were a few incidences from our day to day life...may sound trivial but are more than enough to ruin some body's day and can have several other repercussions depending on the situation...but then you just possibly cant avoid it or help it at times...after all nobody is perfect and sadly neither life is..so then this small word...spoken in a gentle manner enables us to provide a little comfort to the person we offended..and at the same time exhibits our sense of realisation...but is it all that easy and simple always?...NO!.because a 'sorry' is easily acceptable when you break a vase at some body's place...but is the same 'sorry'..that acceptable...when we break some body's trust??we hurt some body's arm while getting onto a train...say sorry n get away with it...but if we hurt some body's feelings...n say a 'sorry'...is that enough????
I'm not saying that realising your mistake,being apologetic n saying sorry is wrong...in fact I feel it takes a lot of courage and strength of character to admit that you are wrong...and to ask for forgiveness...and not everybody can do it either...but some people have started using this word to their advantage...as a license to do anything n get away with it by saying "sorry"...they utter this word..without any genuineness and go ahead and create replicas of their past mistakes..
Sorry means we regret what happened or what we did...we all make mistakes ..its ok...nor can we assure someone of a perfect behaviour in future...but the least we can do is learn from our mistakes...n try not to repeat them ...only then an apology...a 'sorry' is worthwhile...so if u make mistakes at least make new ones...[hang on I have no intention of conveying that do it...coz variety is the spice of life...]...its just that when people cease to learn from their mistakes... they start getting numb to whatever happens around them...to the extent that they become insensitive towards the pain and suffering of others...
and when somebody attains that level..then his/her soul dies..only the body lives...
A heartfelt apology is like a painkiller...it may not help us recover the wound...but it definitely gives relief..!There are so many times we all falter in life but its not in our hands to undo things always..we possibly can't turn back time..we can't eat our words..we can't possibly change the way we made someone feel at some point or the other...and when we can't rectify..we can at least pacify..and allow words to soothe and heal!

when u know u r wrong
don't let your ego hold on
allow Ur conscience to speak
don't think Ur weak
walk that extra mile
to return some body's smile
an apology won't make u small
its a weapon of the strong after all
don't u worry.. it won't go in vain
in fact it will convey that u feel other's pain
so if u realise
don't take time to apologise!



  1. Not many ppl mean it when they apologize! nowadays the word "sorry" is used just like that!!! It really irritates me when ppl do that!

  2. somehow this post will always be remembered.. a very thought provoking one Parul.. :)

  3. A perfect post for me.. today!! :)

  4. this was really something so so evident and yet not so evident..
    very very thoughtful dear..
    specially the last lines :):)

  5. u know wat parul... I've said the exact thngs to a few ppl...

    U just said it.. so damn true... :)

    I'm not saying that realising your mistake,being apologetic n saying sorry is wrong...in fact I feel it takes a lot of courage and strength of character to admit that you are wrong...and to ask for forgiveness..

    so true.... n we must respect whn someone says sorry... abt fake sorries.. wat can we do?? we trust ppl to be original..if they r not.. its not in our hands.. :)

    Lovely thought provoking post...


  6. Very thoughtful Parul...

    In fact, the word 'sorry' has lost its meaning nowadays...

    Loved the last few verses you wrote... :)

  7. @thoorika..
    i know its really irritating..when sorry is said just to get away with things n people use it ruthlessly to their advantage...

  8. @kajal..
    thank u soooooooo muchhhhhhhh 4 appreciating my work...this is ur frst comment on any of my posts n is very spl 2 me...thank you!
    god bless!

  9. @princess nuchu
    I'm really glad that d post ws a perfect one fr u that day...hope fr the right reasons dear...
    thank uuuuu!

  10. @priya
    thank u sooooooooo much...for reading it n appreciating it...really very kind of u...thanks a ton....

  11. @arjun
    thank u sooooooooooo muchhhhhh once again....fr yet another encouraging n sweet comment...n fr identifyng n agreeing with my point of view...n fr ur appreciation...thanks a ton!
    god bless you!

  12. @arthi...
    thank u sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhh....really very sweet n encouraging of u to say that...thanks a ton!

  13. @pinkzzz
    thank u dear...
    keep smiling
    god bless!