Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My precious bond!

Today is rakshabandhan..and guess there can be no better day than today to thank the Almighty for the gift of a brother..sometimes when we face hardships in life we often feel that God doesn't love us He doesn't care..But then just look around the people He has given you and you will know He is there..that's exactly how I feel when I see my elder brother around...I call him Dadu...He stepped into this world four years before me..I have often heard people saying that the elder child gets very insecure and jealous when he/she is told of the second child coming into the family..and once this second baby arrives then begins a saga of sibling rivalry and non - acceptance..but as I always say I'm blessed..because for my Dadu I was never less than a prized possession..he used to love me,take care of me and holding me in his arms he used to proudly tell other"she is my sister"..My mom tells me that when I was born due to some complications I was not very pleasing to look head was like a cone..[hahaha...sounds funny..ryt?]etc...and everybody was worried that if my brother sees me..he might start crying..but he was the first to welcome me with a weird hair do did not scare him..he held my wrist n said"lets take her home...soon"..
..well my head settled but then the usual brother sister issues started popping up..right from blackmailing,to pranks to fighting..and being punished coz of each other..but then we all get mature don't we..Today I share a beautiful bond with him..He shares his secrets with me..discusses issues...pampers me..and yes...not to forget he is strict about certain matters as well...which I conveniently filter[ahmm]...while telling him things at times..that's coz I know he is a brother at the end of the day...protective and possessive..but that's how I like him to be..He makes me feel secure and loved always!

I really love him a lot...I respect him...admire him..[waise i hate him also when he goes out for a movie and I sit at home and make his files].. but still I proudly say that,"He is the best brother in the world!"
Today he is miles away from me and I really miss him..but my prayers ,love and best wishes are with him always!
Luv u Dadu...miss u loads!Happy RaKhi!


  1. awwwwww.....hw sweeeeeet...
    tat makes me miss a sibling(bro)

  2. Awww... Parzi,

    I got so emotional with this! :)

  3. haha nice post....i knw the blackmailing and prank part... Grr....sisters r meant for that...nd i hate it... :P

  4. Parzi,

    My first visit here and u knw, ur words caught my eys such that i could not have moved any way around...very nicely written and an emotional one as well.

    **not to forget he is strict about certain matters as well

    I liked the way u have supported ur brother in this context..keep it up!!

    And belated happy friendship day!!

  5. I am proud of your culture and this itselfs instigates me to visit your country.I like to learn new culture and tradition.This holy thread is a sole representation of brother sister love;is it? How brilliant and is it a festival in India.I can understand how your brother means to you after reading this post.

  6. Very nicely written bringing out the deep affection between a brother and sister.I like the layout of the blog too

  7. Awwww...Touching..and i loved it Dear..:)

    Such a seet bond you both share..My best wishes for you both ..::)

    I loved your template ..Sply the header..:)

  8. hi parji.......
    this is my entry to blogging world...
    nd i happened 2 see ur touching blog on ur loving brother...
    well i loved 2 seee u a psycho(or logy...watever)....haha
    if u wish i cud share wid u sum prob's regarding psychology(may b it cn make ur case study.....)....

  9. Oh so lucky your brother!!! :)

  10. hey parzi.. I need to talk to you na:)

  11. @kajal..
    thank uuuuuuuuu dear...everytym i c u here..i hv a smile on my face:)

  12. @priya
    thank u soooooooo much for liking it gurl...
    thanks a ton:)
    take care god bless!

  13. @aarthi
    thank u soooooo much aarthi
    i m glad u liked it!
    thnx 4 the sweet comment!

  14. @stibumama
    thankuzzzzzzzz....thanks for liking n appreciating it...n ya ya i know u hate sisters taking advantage of their brothers...but its okie..wen we r lucky 2 have them then y let go off any opportunity..i guess i should talk to anu abt it:P
    hahaha...anyway thank u!
    take care!

  15. @pramoda
    a very warm welcome to my blog..thanks for visiting...for taking out the tym 2 read..and for the warm comment...i really appreciate it a lot!thank u sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh!
    a very happy belated friendships day to u as well!
    take care!
    god bless!

  16. @haruto
    welcome to my blog!thanks for visiting n following it!
    thank u sooooooo much for the nice comment...n yes u guessed it absolutely make me really proud n hapy to know that like our culture n traditions!thank u soooo much once again!
    all the best!
    god bless!

  17. @Kparthasarthi
    thank u sooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh!
    a very warm welcome to my blog!thanks for being so appreciative...i visited ur blog as well...awesome it is..gr8 work!
    thanks a ton!
    god bless!

  18. @vyshu
    aww...thank u so much for the heartfelt comment n d adorable wishes....
    well the credit for the template goes to stibumama..i mean d solitary writer...its his choice...but thanks a ton for liking it!
    take care!
    god bless!

  19. @abhinav
    welcome to the world of blogging and thanks a ton for dropping by n taking out ur precious time to read...!
    glad u liked the post...n d psycho bit as well...
    hope u have a great time in blogs ville...wish u all the very best for your posts!
    take care!god bless!

  20. @nuchu
    aww...actually i m the one who is lucky!
    u want to talk to me...regarding what...????hope all is fyn at ur end...i had asked stibumama for ur id..he dint send it till now..
    plzzz drop ur id...or ask stibumama for mine...else u cn tell me here...till it is convenient to u dear!
    i just hope all is well..plzz let me know soon!
    take care!

  21. Oh dear nothing serious..

    Juz want you to write a Guest post for my 100th post celebration.. I really want you to do:)

    Lemme know when u r ready:)

  22. @nuchu
    ohhhhh..thank u sooooo much for this opportunity..i will certainly write a post for will be a pleasure...thanks a ton!
    i will get back to u with it soon!
    till then take care!
    god bless!

  23. Thanks darling!!

    I am waiting:)