Sunday, August 30, 2009

In search of the past days-1

She was sitting in her class when her cell phone flashed a was him..she sneaked her hand into her handbag and disconnected his call...2 seconds later...he called again...she disconnected it again thinking that he will get the hint that she must be in midst of a lecture and that's why she is not picking up..but to no use...he called up again..then she did not take the pain to disconnect his calls..later after class when she checked her cell phone it gave a notification of 39 missed calls...amazed at his madness she called him back and said,
"Rahul..whats wrong with you...39 missed knew I was in a lecture dint you...but hey first tell me all well at your end...was there anything urgent that you wanted to say.?." which he replied "off course that even a question..if I called you so many times must be something important ..."..getting all worried she asked"so tell me now...hurry up..what are you waiting for.." ...."hmm I love you..."...he said..."silly that is fine you can get romantic later tell me what happened..why were you calling?" He smiled and replied"Neha that is what I wanted to say that's why I called you"...Neha was stunned for a second..with a huge smile on her she asked him"you are telling me you called me 39 times to tell me this?".."exactly..for me this is of utmost importance...and how could I begin my day without listening to your voice sweetheart.." he said..Neha was speechless...she was blushing like anything..and her smile refused to leave her face..".."aww..Rahul..I love you carryon for work..I will call you up in the evening..right now I'm rushing for another lecture..".."okie baby...bubyee...."n both kept down the phone!
it was 2'o clock when Neha had just stepped out of college...when her phone rang again...she picked up n said "yours is like a perfect timing I just got free and you called up again...?"....Rahul replied "well i was missing i called up..."...they both spoke to each other till the time Neha got back home!..
In the evening both of them met at a coffee shop..where Neha kept her hand on his hand and looking into his eyes she said"you know Rahul..I may complain several times..that I am in the class don't call me,or mom is around..why did u call..or when I say you are crazy when you call me up to say that 'I am missing you' just two minutes after we've met..but today I confess before you..that I lie always..with each and every call that you make I fall more in love with you..every time your name flashes on my cellphone my heart beat increases..I always wait for your call..and when you do..then nothing else seems to matter more than your day becomes good when you wish me good morning..I feel like the whole world cares for me..when you ask me to take care..when you say that you miss me..I feel extremely special and when u say that you love me...I..just..."..she could not speak further...her eyes that were full of affection of the world got moist...and she could not look him in his eyes anymore...while she looked down Rahul could not keep his eyes off her face..he always knew Neha felt that ways inside but since she was very hesitant to admit it..He never expected her to say all of this that too face to face..He was over whelmed..He knew it was not easy for her...but still she said it..his happiness knew no bounds..he wanted to get up that very moment and hug her but he knew this was the time to comfort her without making it awkward for her so that she doesn't regret saying what she he gently held her hand n said..
[to be continued..]


  1. said what? :)

    u leave the post at the most unimaginable place always! :D

    write the next part soon Parzi! :)

  2. I am in Memories of the past now...


    Waiting for the next one!!

    Soon :)

  3. Btw, When is the proposal next episode baby?? :)

  4. wow is the word... So romantic..!! :)

    Hope all could find such genuine partners.. :)

    And Parul madam.... Next part.... soon .. soon.. ;)


  5. Very sweet girl and very innocent...waiting for the next part :)

  6. I wanna read the next part! Make sure you post it up soon! :) Lovely story this was... so sweet...

  7. very very beautiful... loved each and every moment of reading it..

  8. oh lovely lovely lovely..kal subah padhti hu next part
    oye rahul ke saath priya karna tha na

  9. @Leo..
    hehehe...thats because i don't know what to write next...and it is continued when my mind helps me write...which is a rare phenomenon Leo..thats why I had asked for your brains..
    anyway hope I dont disappoint you with the sequels...
    take care!thank you!

  10. @nuchu
    thank u soooooooooooooo much sweetheart...hope u like the other parts as well...
    baby the proposal has ended...I dont know about you but had I stretched it any further everyone here would have killed me...I ended after the girl's acceptance...remember..
    if not...go check the last part..n tell me if it satisfies you...coz ur opinion matters...a lot to me...
    take care!
    luv ya!

  11. @Arjun
    thank u soooooooooooo much...i m very glad to know that you liked it...thank you!
    as for the next parts they r there per the responses quite shocking..heheh...
    thanks for reading.and encouraging always..
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    god bless!

  12. @kasabian girl
    thank u soooooooooooooo muchhhhh for the appreciation hope u like the following parts as well dear...
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    god bless u!

  13. @roshu
    hey kido..glad u loved it..and guess I disappoint u coz the other parts are not very sweet...but hope u like them....thanks a ton for reading and liking it so far!
    take care!hugs!

  14. @angel
    first of all welcome...pleasure to have u here
    thank u sooooooooooooooooooo much for those beautiful words of appreciation..hope u like the other parts as well...thanks a ton for stopping by and reading..take care!
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  15. @priya
    awww...thank u sweetheart...
    yr rahul k sath priya isliye nai kia...coz ye perfect wali happy story nai haina...when I write a fairytale kinds perfect love story then i promise u that i will name the characters as Rahul and PRIYA..and u know why right....;)
    or maybe I can have your story written as fiction here...heheh...jokes apart...thank u soooooooo much pj..
    luv ya!
    take care!