Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Today is the 15Th of August..we have completed 62 years of Independence today..a day of national importance has become nothing more than a national holiday for all of us..we sit back at home to relax..go out for movies,shopping and have fun..We all know that how we have attained this involved a lot of struggle,physical and mental torture and bloodshed..but at last we succeeded ..but this success came at the cost of many lives! We say we are a free nation..but do we value the freedom that we have..since we did not pay a price for it..we conveniently forgot the sacrifices that our freedom fighters made for it!! its like an inherited property..we got it from our forefathers,we are using it..but doing nothing about it!Coming to talk of what we can do! we all must have heard people saying that if you want others to respect you then learn to respect yourself..and how many of the Indians actually respect their own country..go to any corner of India you will find people cribbing"ours is a corrupted nation,we are overpopulated,we lack infrastructure..and the list goes on and on"..but if you turn around and ask them "what are they doing for the nation?"..these mute spectators will quickly respond"now what can we do at such small level and how will it make a difference"..I don't understand is standing at the border with arms and ammunition the only way to serve the country..only the armed forces hold responsibility towards the nation..every Indian represents India.A foreigner comes to our country and goes back with a bad impression because of a particular experience with a few individuals...He will never care to say that a few people were not hospitable in India..but everybody gets generalised as "Indians are like that".
We have received so much from this country..its our home and we Indians together form a big family..then who else is responsible to keep our home clean,beautiful and at peace "Us"..If we wont take care of our family who will...we've spent decades behaving like a mob...lets start rising up together as a sensible people who can act not react! The Britishers have gone leaving their"divide and rule"policy here...lets chuck that out as well and establish"Unity in diversity"...lets stop playing the blame game...anything happens we blame it on the people outside..though the root cause lies within us..and I have no intention of saying that come down on the streets,protest or initiate a revolution...just a simple little thing and that is change yourself rather than changing the the change you want to see..strive to be a good can't stop corruption don't be a part of the chain reaction..break the cycle,you can't educate the entire the education of a child,you can't keep the environment of the nation clean at least don't litter around yourself..simple little steps and at least there is some beginning..even if it is at the grass root level..leave the"chalta hai"..attitude..and don't propagate things saying"that's how it functions in India"..we are the ones who made this we are very much capable of changing it as well..all we need to do is think in the right direction and then implement that thinking..unlike the laws that are formed but never implemented! I know this is quite like a sermon or a boring Independence day speech..but just take out two minutes to think is it all that difficult to be good citizen...we are fortunate to be born in a country like India..we all often say it that "we are proud to be Indians"..but its not that we are actually very happy and proud of the way our country functions...its just that our loyalty to our motherland makes us say it...deep inside we all know we have a long way to go..and a well begin is half lets all try to make that little that India just doesn't shine on the poster of an election campaign but globally and actually!! On this positive note I wish all of you a very happy Independence Day! God bless!


  1. Bharat humko jaan se pyaara heisabse nyaara gulistaan humaara hei..

    happy (belated) independence day dear :):)

  2. right parzi..!! :)

    even when the educated act irresponsibly.. its sick..!!

    A lovely lovely post.. Brought a sense of pride inspite of being exposed to the loop holes.. :)

    Happy Independence day.. i know i am late... but it's never late.. right ?? hehe


  3. @kajal
    thank u sooooooo much dear....thanks a ton!
    take care!god bless!

  4. @priya
    thank u sooooo much priya...wish u the same...
    liked ur sweeeet comment!

  5. @arjun
    awwww..thank u soooo much arjun ur comment always brings a smile on my face...thanks for the encouragement u leave behind with your words always!thanks a ton!
    n yes....its never late...and always great to have u here...thank u!
    take care!
    god bless!