Sunday, August 2, 2009

H@ppy Friendships D@y..

"..bloggin gives u so many nice frnds too...n u already have many frnds around....ste k hum sabfrnds tere frnds... :)" "The best Thing blogging did to me is FRIENDS...."
well what you are reading above are not famous quotes but yes the words of two of our famous blogger friends..the first one given by Priya and the second one was given by Arjun and they told me this the day I entered this world of blogging...and today I strongly second the opinion of both of them.. I came here..not because I thought I was good writer...Stibu mama[Our Solitary Writer] got me here because he thought my scribbling could be transformed into well drafted posts n shared with others..I still remember the warm welcome I got from all you guys here..I don't think I can ever put in words how overwhelmed I was to see such sweet and encouraging responses from all you wonderful thing I knew since day one was that God's beautiful people resided in blogs ville but what I dint know was that I will actually be making some amazing friends here..I know its not been a very long association nor do I know any one of you personally..but I chose to call this interaction friendship and not a relationship between writers and readers because its with you guys I shared feelings,views,ideas,imagination and opinions that were close to my heart and nobody else knows about them,you people were the ones who took out your precious time to read what i wrote,gave me encouragement,care,love,guidance,support,wishes and if I am right strangers and acquaintances don't do that..only friends can make you feel that way! and today on friendships day I want to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for accepting me,for tolerating my nonsense amateur scribbles,for being ever so kind and supportive and for making me so comfortable in this world unknown..I truly consider myself lucky that I got an opportunity to know all you amazing people...Thank you soooo much Nuchu,Kajal,Priyajoyce,Arjun,Leo,Priya,Abhilasha,Manjari,Aarthi,Vedu,Thoorika..[I'm sorry if I'm missing any names..] for being what you people are..and a very happy friendships day to all of you...I really look up to all you people and feel blessed that I got to learn so much from you..May god bless you with a lot of happiness and may the best of life come your way today and always!
I thanked you guys but there is one very special person I need to thank...coz had it not been for him...I wouldn't be here and would never get to know anyone of you...n that's none other than my best friend stibumama... stibumama...thank u sooooooooo muchhhhhh for being such a wonderful friend...I owe all of this to you..thanks a ton for believing in me,for encouraging me,for supporting me and for introducing me to this beautiful world full of beautiful people..I bothered you,irritated you,questioned you...but you were always so kind,so helpful and so me I couldn't have asked for a better friend..thank you sooo much..I'm so proud to have a friend like you and I hope this friendship remains the same forever and really hope we have less fights in future..:p..coz after all both of us feel like staying alive...don't we????...jokes apart...we may fight...we may disagree..but I will always be there for you ...whenever you need a can count on me...and that's a promise!

a friend is one who takes care of you
a friend is one who walks with you all through
a friend is one who will wipe your tears
a friend is one who will help you overcome your fears
a friend will always lend a helping hand
a friend will not question,but understand
a friend will hope for you,a friend will pray
a friend will never let you deviate from the right way
I've said it all just left with one thing to say
and that is to wish you all a very happy friendships day!

Happy friendships day!you guys rock! thank you so much for everything this is for all you wonderful people from me!


  1. thank you so much :)

    take care parul,

    i bet these guys are amongst our greatest friend....and i feel they will cherish ur writes in future as they r doing now...

    this wd be one of my bad friendship day ...i m into tears ....thanks ....bye tc...dnt wish to see any of u dnt miss me,, :) and PJ and arjun thanks for ur kind words.

  2. hmm... parzi, happy friendships day dear! :)

    glad to see my name in there!

    and also, i think i am the first to tag you in blogvilla :)
    i'm back on my blogger blog too. do drop in soon!

  3. god bless you for writing this one and mentioning me in that special list of friends.. your stibu mama is a wonderful human being.may god bless both your friendship..


  4. beautiful lines ther dear ...happy frndships day to u too :) hugsssss

  5. heartfelt Post..!

    Happy friendship Day ...:)

  6. Hey Parzi,

    Such a heartfelt post! :) Can see Aarthi written there...that makes me so so glad! :D :D Love to you! And a very happy friendship day to you! :)

  7. Aww I am late..

    Honey, I am all in tears.. This post made me cry..:'(

    I wont say thanks for mentioning my name.. :) Even if you don't I know we both are verrryy verrry good friends..

    I wish to know more about you and get closer and best friends..

    You are such a sweetheart! God Bless you!

    I so love that blue frame.. Gonna grab it!

    Take care!!

    "Our friendship ROCKS!!!"

  8. wat can i say Parul...!! :)

    U wrote wat i said.. u remember wat i said.. gr8 :) .. am feeling so happy .. hehe :)

    And glad to hear wat u said abt the relationship we bloggers share... Recently we had a Writers Lounge meet in Bangalore where i met a few of my blogger frnds and thats when a thought struck me.... That day we were meeting each other in person for the first time.. but the fact that we read each other's blogs n we know each other so well even before we actually met was amazing..... Even before i gave that first hand-shake i knew so much abt the other person already.. a lovely feeling it was.. :)

    Anyway... lovely post.. A very Happy Friendship Day to u too .. :)

    Now i'm off to find u on orkut.. if u r thr that is :P :P


  9. @stibumama
    firstly...plzzzz dont thank me...i m d one who is suppose to thank u for thank u soooooo much...
    i know u had a bad day...but then life is not perfect happens...but that certainly does not give u the permission to leave ur dont u dare!
    u r not going anywhere n thats nt a request but an order!got that?
    so now cheerup..n excuse me if u wll go whose head will i eat..right now just u u want the whole world to know that i am dumb...?

  10. @leo
    thank uuuuuu sooooo muchhhhhhh!
    yes ur name had to be there..without a doubt
    thanks a ton for the tag...
    i did it!
    n welcome back here...will definitly follow ur works here regularly!
    take care!

  11. @kajal
    yes dear....i'm lucky to call u my thank u
    n thank u sooooooooooo much for ur wishes n blessings...n yess surely a wonderful person...i just hope he realizes it!
    anyway..thank u!
    god bless u!

  12. @priya
    thank u soooooo much for liking them dear!
    hugsss to u tooo!
    take care!
    god bless!

  13. @vyshu
    a belated happy friendships day to u as well dear!
    thanks a ton for ur wishes n comment!it feels great to c u here!
    take care!
    god bless!

  14. @aarthi
    i'm so glad that u r glad to c ur name there..thanks a ton for accepting me as a friend!means a lot to me!
    loads of luv!
    god bless!

  15. @nuchu...
    awwwwwww...chooooo u will make me cry...guess thats wat friendship is...we laugh together n we cry together!
    absolutly...true we are..and we will remain friends forever..the bestest friends...i really cherish the bond that we share!it really means a lot to me!
    thanks a ton for being such a great friend ...i feel blessed to get an opportunity 2 know someone as wonderful as u!
    n i pray this bond grows stronger with time!
    n yes the frame is all yours!thanks for accepting it sweetheart!
    luv u loads!
    take care!
    god bless!

  16. @arjun
    thank u soooooooooo much!
    yes i did remember ur words of wisdom..n used them aptly..heheh
    woww yar..meeting ur blogger friends..must be such a wonderful experience...thats great!
    n thank u soooooooooo muchhhhhhhh for d friend request on orkut!what better day to be friends officially[contradictory statement:)..].heheh..than on friendships day!
    take care!
    god bless!

  17. Friend is the one who supports you, encourages you.He is a sheer motivator for you at times of distress and pain.He listens to you ,cultivates the seeds of happiness within you.He wishes to make you smile.Such are our friends.What is our life without friends?Wonderful .This makes me to read all your old posts