Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My First Tag...

hieee...here's my first tag...I've been tagged by Stibumama,Leo,Nuchu,Arthi....[sorry for the late submission I'm finally here with my homework!]

A-Available/Single? Single

B-Best Friend?Mannu and Stibumama

C-Cake or Pie?Cake with lots of chocolate!

D-Drink of Choice?Tea

E-Essential item you use everyday?Toothbrush!

F-Favorite color?Pink and black!

G-Giggle or laughter?Laughter that expresses the happiness of heart!



J-January or February?January..since I'm born in this month.

K-Kids and their names?want two..elder son and younger daughter..names..not thought yet!

L-Life is incomplete without?Family and friends!

M-Marriage or Date?Marriage..[date with the guy I'm married to]

N-Number of Siblings?One extremely adorable elder brother!

O-One thing I hate to accept?That I'm an emotional fool.


Q-Favorite Quote?What Doesn't Kill Us Only Makes Us Stronger..

R-Reason to smile?To spread happiness around.


T-Tag 3 or 4 people?Priya joyce,kajal,arjun and vedu!

U-Unknown fact about me?That I'm very talkative!

V-Vegetable you don't like?mushrooms

W-Worst Habit?Being highly sensitive.

X-Xrays you've had?none!

Y-Your favorite food?Rajma-Chawal.

Z-Zodiac Sign?Capricorn.

[a stupid confession for what took me so long..I saw you guys tagging me..but
dint know what a tag was..stibumama se confirm kia..u see me-dumbness personified..haha...]


  1. hey, nicely done parzi! :D

    capricorn eh? i have a couple of capricorn friends, though more aquarians :)

    i like spring too, though monsoon is better for me... love rain! :D

    nice quote too! :)

  2. cute answers there.. :) will take up the tag soon.. :D

  3. kya answers diye hei ri...mstt masst ...well i too luvvvv raajma chaval yummy:P
    btw u r stil single n decided also kitte bacche chahiye?? :P lol
    being highly sensitive is not bad dear :) u'll be exceptionally delicate n understanding to others' emotions too .:)
    fear frm bhaater?? hmmm

    n thnx for taggin me..tum dono best frnds milke meri watt lagaaoge :P u n ste :P

    will do this :):)

  4. Hey Parzi,

    Very nicely done yaa! :)

  5. Hey Parzi,

    cute answers..:)

    I gotta know why you mentioned 2 kids,Elder son and younger daughter..:) See i am smiling..!

    No doubt in that,having an extremely adorable brother,who wants to miss that bliss..??

    Take care..:)

  6. Awww... I love mushrooooms! ...

    And ahaaaan.. you are from Shimla?!?!? You must be looking fair then.. ;) right??

    Tht was so interesting to read darling!!

    Got to know about you, talkative girl! Hi5!!!

    Mwah.. )))Hugs(((

  7. hahaha... now u know wat a tag is .. ;)

    btw i've done one recently and u r free to do it if u like :)

    This tag.. good to know more abt u .... Ur posts and comments suggests that u r a wonderful human being .. :)

    And btw.. Its not that bad being an emotional fool .... :)


  8. arrey waah didi ji..... hav a good day..

  9. hmm nicely dne

    2 kids nd that too a little girl nd first son....lolz
    hope teri daughter is nt like my sister ...then u will hve a nightmare like my mom :P

    emotional fool nahi ho aap...

    nice one parzii..... thanks for mentioning me as best friend

  10. @leo
    thank u soooo much:)
    glad u liked the quote!
    u know something usually u r d first one to comment..and honestly...it really makes me happy...thank u sooo much for coming regularly and encouraging me!means a lot to me!
    god bless u!

  11. @kajal
    thank uuuuuuuuuu kajal...thanks a ton...now i'm waiting for ur turn!
    take care!

  12. @priya
    same pinch!
    thanks a ton for such a sweet comment ma'am...
    hahahah...waise waat lagane ki koiplanning toh nai ki thi...but agar lag rai hai...ahmm toh i dont mind...:P
    shuru hojao bucha!
    waiting for urs now!
    thank u once again!

  13. @aarthi..
    thanks aarthi....so sweet of u...
    matlab meri home work submission successful!
    thanks a ton!
    god bless u!

  14. A very nice dedication to much loved bro. Nice writting. Keep up!

  15. @vyshu
    thank u soooooooo much dear....
    well what should i say u caught me absolutely right there..
    thanks a ton!i visited ur blog...beautiful it is...loved it!
    keep writing!
    god bless!

  16. @nuchu
    hahaha...talkative nai...very talkative:p
    yes...fair coz of the hills..:p
    n dont worry when u cum to meet me...even though i hate mushrooms i will still make them for u:)
    thanks a ton for ur words...they r always so warm n nice...
    loads of luv

  17. @arjun
    thank u soooooo much...u r always very kind n sweet!
    hmm...one more tag...okie...will take it up..thankuzzzz
    as for the emotional bit..all u guys r sweet to tell me its not bad..i m actually liking it...coz otherwise what i get to hear is..."listen grow up..dont see everybody with the heart of a child.learn to be selfish and practical"...uffff....i hate it!
    but thank u....i m kinda relieved after the comments u guys have left...its so much comfortable here!
    thanks a ton!
    god bless!

  18. @pinkz
    heheh..thanks vedu....thank u soooooooo much!
    u too have a great day!tk care!

  19. @stibumama
    firstly thanku soooooooooo muchhhh...i always wait for ur comment n d gud thing is that u r getting regular...so thank u!
    n u started off again about annu...wait till i see u online again...be prepared for another lecture,another disagreement...coz i so want to get done with this once n for all...bus hogaya ab!
    so cya online soon!
    take care!
    god bless!

  20. @shwetha
    nice to c u here!
    and thanks a ton for reading it and dropping such a sweet comment!
    take care!
    god bless!

  21. I liked your reason to smile.Wonderful.Do spread smiles all around you and make sure you always provide this delight to your readers.I have been following this site since few days .Now I have subscribed to it.

  22. Cute ans! There is nothing stupid to feel about this! Its a first time for everythin !! Soon you will be a master in blogging !! :)