Monday, August 24, 2009

Alone in the journey of Life..

I walk alone
On this path unknown

Nobody beside me to share
Nobody to say that,"I care"

I overcome my fears
I wipe my tears

Nobody to understand,Nobody to see
The pain I carry everyday with me

I carry the load of my loneliness on my back
I keep questioning myself"where do I lack?"

Nobody to answer,Nobody to explain
I expected sunshine,but I'm getting wet in the rain.


  1. It made me all teary..:(

    very touching..

  2. Hello Parsi.

    I can not tell you how surprised I was going through some of your posts.

    Do you beleive in coincidences? I think u do.. from ur other post..

    LEt me tell you why I am so excited - read my profile info. "complex person with simple tastes", "joy in simple thigns of life" sounds familiar?

    and then you write like me! Hell, you even post rhyming poems like I do!! And I thought nobody else in the blogging world derived pleasure from simple rhymes.

    I am glad i blog-hopped to your place.

  3. PS - and I also have a childhood friend and we are so much like you and your firend. We end up buying the same things miles apart - me in the USofA and she in India. Our tastes otherwise are antipodal to each other.. but sometimes we shop like sisters.. LOL..

  4. Baby.. you are okay???

    I liked the way, poem is written but, the matter in it made me sad dear.. Any problem??

    Whatever it is.. you can share with me dear.. I am always there for you my dear friend:)


  5. ahhh ..sad...
    very tuching..
    and somewer somehow true also..

  6. some of us are born like this, always insecure failing to see the obvious not happy with what we have but thats the way we are :-)

  7. tell me ..
    what happened to you ? why such a frown post....i need to talk to u then...let me get hold of u.... nd yeh kya hai ?

  8. wow...... lovely poem.. n do share what happened ?

  9. I loved the last line...
    Is this just fiction?
    This was very touching.

  10. you havent replied to comments..i was waiting to read that this poem is fiction..

    a big hug to you girl.. everything will be fine girl.. you always cheer me up and bring a smile..i hope i could do even 1% of what you have been doing for me..

    God bless...and like you said.. i am waiting read some full of hope and cute posts from you..


  11. I agree with Rane inspite of the fact that I hardly know you.. I am only a recent visitor to your place.. and I thought the poem was fiction.. Now along with everybody.. I am having second thoughts..

    Hope whatever it is passes soon and you are back to your happy blogging self.. Good luck!

  12. @Vyshu
    thank u soooooooooo much dear...but no tears....
    smile..n keep smiling...
    take care!
    god bless!

  13. @Rohini
    firstly a very warm welcome...thank u so much for visiting ....n following n for sharing ur experience...n for those kind words...
    n u affirm my confidence on coincidence even more..
    surprisingly we r pretty similar...but its a wonderful feeling...
    thanks for stopping by...its a pleasure to have u here..looking forward to know more about u n reading ur posts...
    thank u sooooooooo much for the concern n wishes .....really very sweet of u..I m fine..hopefully will come up with something better next time!
    anyway..u plz take care!
    god bless u!

  14. @nuchu
    thank u sooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for the love n concern...what should i say...I'm overwhelmed by ur words..I know u r there sweetheart..but plzz dont worry i am fyn...
    2-3 not so perfect days...n an over generalized miserable feeling...but not as huge as the words make it seem...passing phase..happens to all of us no worries...
    but thank u soooo much for being there..i cnt tell u how much it means to me!
    luv ya!
    take care!

  15. @priya
    thank u soooooo much dear!
    tk cr!god bless!

  16. @scarlet
    thank u soooo much for taking out ur time to read n comment!
    hmm...i dont think we r born dissatisfied ..but sometimes thats how situations make us believe...n even though we lead a fulfilling life...r pain takes over n clouds r perception...n d negative dominates the positive..but as u rightly said thats how we are..humans after all....not everyday is how can the reactions be..oopss sorry got carried away again...:):p
    but thanks for dropping by!
    take care!
    god bless!

  17. hey Parzi, u usually apologise for being like 3 or 4 hours late to my post, so i donno what do i say, when here i am, 6 days late! with what face do i look at u and apologise for missing this!

    i too wanted to see a "this is fiction" written somewhere. i hope all is fine with u now! be strong and happy always!

    take care!

  18. @ste
    well...i told u I'm fyn need to worry really...glad to know all u guys r there when i have such wonderful people around me radiating positivity how long will the negativity hold plzzzzz no need to catch hold of me..mai thek hun...thank u soooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh for all that care n concern...i truly appreciate it..a lot...thanks a ton!
    god bless you!

  19. @pinkz
    thank u sooooooooo much dear!
    well..i dont think i have the ability to put into words what happened..sooo sorry for that...but thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh for inquiring..i am fyn now...really...thanks to you guys!
    god bless u always!
    take care!

  20. @roshu
    thanks a ton little one!
    i m glad u liked it...reason for it is not all that fictitious ...but yes neither is it such a big deal...words just magnify the whole the blog header says..just used it to vent out...
    anyway great to c u here!
    take care!
    god bless!

  21. @kajal
    awwwww...thank u sooooooooooooooooooo much for the hug and for all those words ...they actually make me feel a lot more better...i m fine now sweetheart!
    n i don't do anything as such..but if u think i'm capable of bringing a small smile on your face then it will actually make me very happy...thanks a ton for being really means a lot..n honestly whenevr i see u here i actually have a smile on my thanks a ton for that!
    u plzzz take care!
    n make sure that smile does not go any where!

  22. @Leo
    Leooooo...common u don't need to apologize for this...plzzzzz dont say that...its not necessary to be there always the same day when a post is written..n u should definitely not be thinking that coz mostly in all my posts u have been the first one to read and comment...for which i can never thank you one day late or one month late does nt make a difference at all...
    n thank u sooooooooo much for those caring n kind words...i m fine worries...thanks a ton!!
    u take care!
    god bless you!

  23. ohhoo.. how the hell did i miss this post..?? :P

    What a brilliant write up Parzii..!! Genuinely awesome ..!! :)

    But if this real and not fiction.... Cheer up..!! :) .. Thats the best one can do ryt.... :) .. Cheer up and dont waste time worrying.. haha....

    Sadly i can relate to it so much..... thought the last sentence in my case wld be- I know the answers.. I know the explanations... Just that i cant even share it with anybody.. Locked i am.. :(

    Anyway.... U shld write more of such poems.. :)


  24. very nice one dear...I keep questioning myself"where do I lack?".. its the same question tat haunts me..

  25. @arjun
    thank u sooooooooo much Arjun..u r always so kind..i m glad u liked it..
    thanks for those adorable words...I'm fine now..thankuzzzzz
    but the sad part is that u cn relate to it...dont lock it up will bother u more..take out..and if not directly then use ur talent of writing...we are all here to read,listen and me!
    so u cheer up as well okie!
    take care
    smile plzzz!

  26. @angel
    thanks a ton...pleasure to have u here...welcome!
    thats what...introspection often leaves many question in our minds..and sadly we dont have answers for them always!
    anyways...don't worry and cheerup!
    take care!
    god bless!

  27. Nice words simply luv it :)