Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dressing Up For Him...

She opened her closet and picked out a nice red gown...
kept it before her and made a frown
She then pulled out a yellow dress,followed by green and a blue
"I don't like a single one what should I do?
I want to dress up my best after all its my first date
I'm still hunting for clothes even though I'm already late!"
she could not decide what to wear..
changed back into her t-shirt n jeans and sat in despair
just then there was a knock at the door
she knew it was him she couldn't possibly ignore
she opened the door but she dint look at him
He looked at her and smiled as he entered in
"why aren't you ready?"he gently asked her
with a lump in her throat she answered in a whisper
"I wanted to dress up beautifully today so that I leave you impressed

But when nothing seemed to look pretty I got all depressed..

I'm really sorry I know I spoilt your day

Lets postpone this date to next Saturday"

She tried to say more but could not speak
tears flowed down her rosy red cheek

"you are the most beautiful women in this world did I tell you that before
I guess I dint ,else you wouldn't have thought of all this for sure
You don't need to make efforts to look good
Your dresses don't spoil my mood

My love for you is not for your beauty outside
But your lovely heart is the reason for my pride
when your simplicity suits you the best
you just don't need to be bothered about the rest
your sweet innocent smile lights up my day
the twinkles of your eyes show me the way
the warmth and goodness you radiate is beyond compare
my Life seems perfect when you are there
So my dear princess,

stop worrying about the beauty that is transient and external

because my love for you is far more deep and eternal!"

[p.s:I began writing a story...then after two lines it became more like a poem...and now that I read it...its neither a well written story nor a good poem..don't ask me what it is...I'm posting it because I know you people are used to my nonsense now...ahmm...thats called taking advantage of the humble nature of wonderful na..there is no need to be kind feel free to tell me its crappy..I won't mind..]


  1. hey Parzi... nice one! :D
    its a bit of both story and poem...
    sort of a STOEM.. hehe...

    its not really nonsense... it had sense, lots of love, meaning! good one! :)

  2. heyyy but it's gr88 the way he makes her feels like a princess is gr88888......luvly :)

  3. Fantastic... words straight from the heart! Loved it! :) :)

    And when its about matters of don't know how it'll turn out... may be a story...may be poem...may be both...may be none! :)

  4. watever it is.... the feelings expressed were straight frm the heart.. and lovely..!! :)


  5. Sweet one!!! I liked the Guy part!! Woooh! Wish someone says like that to me.. :P

  6. @leo
    thank u sooooooooooooo much...ur comments always bring a smile...n well thanks for coining the word"stoem" for my nonsense...haha...i love it...makes it appear less crappy...thank u so much for being so sweet and supportive ...
    take care!god bless!

  7. @kajal..
    it did...awwww....
    thanks a ton...!
    god bless!

  8. nah!! it is a beautiful beautiful thing.. and since i am going through a similar flood of emotions, it is even closer to my heart :)

    loved it!!

  9. @priya
    thank u sooooo much for liking it dear...
    it makes me feel better...thanks a ton...u made me smile
    tk care
    god bless!

  10. @aarthi
    awwww...choooo chweettt...thank you...for understanding it so well...and for being so appreciative and kind...
    thanks a ton!
    god bless u!

  11. @arjun
    thank u soooooooo much....for being so encouraging...always...means a lot to me!
    thank you!
    take care!
    god bless!

  12. @nuchu
    thanks a lot dear...sweetheart u don't need to wish anymore...u have ziyaad...n for him and for all of us u r a princess and shall always be!

  13. @richa
    thank u sooooooo much for those lovely words...for liking it and for identifying with it...
    for being so kind...thanx a ton!
    nice to c u here!
    take care!
    god bless!