Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heights of Coincidence....

Sometimes some little things leave us stunned and I am here to share a little incident with you that happened best friend Manu and I share a very sweetly mad,not always perfect but wonderful and special relationship..when coming to our thinking we are polls apart..our ideologies don't match one bit,our expectations from life are quite different and so are our reactions and expressions...but besides so many differences we are best of friends..but where there are differences there are similarities as well..our choice is pretty similar..and we generally buy things with each others consent whenever we go out for listen to this..for the past ten days my best friend has been out of town..she had gone to Delhi..she came back yesterday evening..I gave her call to ask her about how her trip was and what all she did..and as always there was a definite discussion about all that she bought for she has a preference for wearing heels,stilettos,boots and all for a refreshing change she tells me"parul...You won't believe it but this time for a change I bought a pair of Reebok shoes for myself.."..I got all excited and told her.."what???you won't believe it even I bought a pair of Reebok shoes two days back"..both of us were talking about what a coincidence is this when she just asked me"by the way what color shoes did you buy.."i quickly replied.."purple and grayish silver.."..and the bigger coincidence awaited me when she tells me hers are of the same color as well...both of us were kind of surprised..that how can we both buy similar shoes when we are miles away..but I was wrong as she wore them to the university today...and they were not similar..but completely identical..both of us were very stunned to see that..we bought the same thing on the same day in different towns..both of us had no plans of buying these shoes..we went to just check out stuff like that only and liked them and came out buying them...and now we possess the same pair of shoes...somehow its strange! and what is stranger is that my best friend does not like it at all when she comes across somebody who is wearing what she is wearing won't believe it when she and her sister wear clothes of a similar shade they don't even walk together and force me to walk in now I told her that since she wont like the idea..of both of us wearing the same shoes on same it will be problematic for her..but time for another surprise...she says"naaa....we will...n I'm gonna luv speaks volumes for our bonding.." I don't know what to say to that...things that we don't tolerate in our siblings become a matter of joy with friends at times..and when its with best friends..everything crazy and absurd otherwise becomes a matter of pride...whatever it thing is for sure whenever I will look at these shoes now they are bound to get back the sweet memories of my friendship and my best friend and leave me smiling!
[p.s:-This post does not have much many of my other posts..but I felt like sharing this with you here it is...thanks for bearing with me...take care!God bless!]


  1. Life has many things in store for us..:)..its your turn now to taste the blessing..:)

    It gave me a nice feeling..!

    Good luck for your bonding Dear..:)


  2. That was wonderful:)

    God bless your friendship:)

    And that's true.. things we dont compromise with our siblings.. we do with friends:) Strange!

    Nice post dear

  3. Aww... that was so sweet! :)

    God bless your friendship! :D

  4. That was such a sweet guys got a great friendship there :)

    Weird weird thing to happen and I think Reebok needs to read this post and come up with some Variety :P

    Same shoes is fine but don't you two even try to wear similar pink dresses and walk around showing off your friendship..hehe(Just kidding)

  5. beauty n bliss...i luv friendship of all the relationships that exist ahhhh :)

  6. wonderful.! n nice coincidence too..!

    god bless you !

  7. wow... Tats amazing..!! :)

    Friendship is magical.. full of memories... Glad for u both :) :)

    hey.. one thing if i may say - pls break up ur write into paragraphs na.. it'll be easier to the eye... :) don mind.. :)


  8. yup happens at times :D

    nd hw many times to tell u .... dnt write my name :X

    side mein besides 3rd awrd i see my name :x

    change it plsss

  9. @vyshu
    thank u soooooo much dear...really very sweet of u to say that!
    thanks a ton!
    take care
    god bless.

  10. @nuchu
    thank u soooooooooo much nuchu...ur comments always bring a smile on my face!
    thanks for liking this post!
    take care!
    luv ya!

  11. @arthi
    thanks a lot Arthi..u r a sweetheart..
    thanks a ton!
    take care.
    god bless!

  12. @kasabian girl
    thank u sooo much for dropping by...for taking out ur precious time to read and for the adorable comment...welcome...its a pleasure to have u here...
    yesss...u r right...reebok needs to work on its for d pink dresses don't worry dear that definitely not happening..haha.
    thanks a ton
    god bless u!.

  13. @priya
    so true ya...this is actually a wonderful relationship..many a times way better than the ones we are born with...
    anyway..thanks for being here always...
    god bless u!

  14. @vedu
    thanks a lot dear...great to c u here....
    take care!
    god bless!

  15. @arjun
    thank u sooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh for that lovely comment always...very chweeeett...
    n thank u sooooooooo much for the suggestion as well...i'm really glad u mentioned it else I wouldn't even have thought of it...thank u soooo much...I am going to keep it in mind..n will definitely not mind..ur suggestions,advises,feedback...are always welcome..i need them...words of wisdom u see..
    so thanks a lot...n hey i implemented it in d next good student na!
    thanks a lot!
    take care!
    god bless!

  16. @scarlet
    hiee..thank u soooooo much....for visiting ...taking out the time to read and for commenting...thanks a ton!
    god bless u!

  17. @solitary writer
    i'm extremely very sorry...dint realize it....
    really very sorry...will keep it in mind for future...and have made the changes u had asked..wont write ur name here ever!
    really sorry!
    take care!god bless!

  18. what is this PARUL??? nw so formal...i just told to change the name nd nt those caption...u cn call me stibumama as usual...... samjii:X